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Theater Program Coordinator

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About this organization

A Place Called Home is a dynamic, non-profit youth and community center in South Central Los Angeles. APCH provides educational programs, counseling, mentoring, art, dance, digital media, music, and theater classes, fitness and health and wellness opportunities. As youth participate in our programs, they discover interests and talents and develop a better sense of themselves and their place in the world around them. Our goal is to increase the likelihood that youth will stay in school, pursue higher education, attain viable jobs, and become active community members capable of making positive change in the world in which they live.

About this job

Under the direction of the Theater Program Manager, the Theater Program Coordinator implements programs and department goals, REACH objectives and agency best practices, and program efficiencies. The Theater Program Coordinator provides key support in program application, program development and policy. They also hold the responsibility to develop, prepare and assist the Theater Program Manager to implement an innovative theater program and opportunities for APCH members. Under the direction of the Theater Program Manager, the Theater Program Coordinator will ensure that the program execution aligns with department expectations, strategy, budget and goals.

Roles & responsibilities


Work under the Theater Program Manager to successfully implement relevant goals outlined in the organizations Strategic Plan

Assist in developing and planning program work plans, monitoring program progress, and regularly reporting updates on program activities

Develop relationships in the neighborhood and arts community to cultivate resources


Work with the Theater Program Manager to implement high quality and engaging exposure based Theater curriculum for different ages and experience levels

Facilitate theater classes in areas of expertise or discipline. Possible subjects but not limited to Acting, Movement, Design, Prop Making, Stage Management, Stage Makeup, Production, etc.

Research and develop lesson plans, collateral, schedules, field trips, guest instructors, class projects and productions, etc. for youth ages 8-18.

Explore and utilize relevant and appropriate content (plays, monologues, poems, etc.) for classes and productions

Organize and teach youth methods that produce measurable results

Support Theater Program with classes, projects, performances, events and productions

Assist Independent Contractors and Theater Program classes in supervision, attendance, tech support, and member support when needed

Track member attendance on the Apricot database; prepare and submit reports

Chaperone members on program and agency field trips

Prepare members for participation in special projects, performances and events (i.e. agency fundraisers, festivals, etc.)

Develop and foster relationships with external organizations and community partners to allow members to engage with expanded opportunities for exposure, training, production, performance and career development

Prepare and maintain classrooms (virtual and/or in-person)

Prepare and submit reports and provide input for Strategic Plan

Address student behavior appropriately and follow intervention and support approaches adopted by the agency

Communicate with parents and school teachers as partners in the education of our members

Complete administrative duties as assigned and execute in a timely manner

Assist with the supervision of members during program hours, special events and field trips

Assist with assigned administrative duties

APCH Theater Responsibilities:

Monitor maintenance of the Bridge Theater Facility, including backstage and A/V Control Room and all equipment

Provide basic training of equipment to staff, ICs, and members as needed

Ensure the theater and lobby areas are maintained

Monitor the use of The Bridge Theater, including scheduling, collaborating with Facilities, Security, Operations,and Communications departments and staff, as well as guest artists, productions and community partners

Collaborate and assist in organizing tech, meetings, rehearsals and performance as needed by all APCH Programs

Support and/or lead Theater Program rehearsals, tech, performances, live streams, workshops, field trips, events

Other Responsibilities:

Attend all required program meetings, agency meetings, attend outside meetings, mandatory training, and events related to program needs and development.

Prepare and submit all paperwork in a timely manner

Assist Theater Program Manager in budget tracking

Process Independent Contractor contracts and payments

Submit forms, purchase orders and receipts in a timely manner

Creating, purchasing and organizing supply kits for all members in Theater Program

Organizing supply kits for members via Program Member Deliveries and/or in-person instruction

Maintain accurate inventory of supplies and materials

Lead volunteer events for major Theater Program incentives

Contribute to ongoing development of program elements, policies and goals

Adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards and values at all times

Perform other tasks as assigned

Serve as a mentor and role model for members

Promote a culture of safety


To perform this important job successfully, the Theater Program Coordinator must be able to fulfill all of the elements of the Job Description to the highest standard, and be able to work well with colleagues in a high energy, collaborative environment with open communications. The ideal candidate will embrace the APCH culture of a learning organization and strive to constantly improve upon systems and services for the benefit of employees and our constituents; and will be demonstrably committed to your own ongoing personal and professional development. All employees are expected to contribute to ongoing growth and improvement in their departments via excellent job performance. Additionally, you are expected to speak up if you become aware of deficiencies and needs; and to offer solutions and make suggestions for improvements in your purview areas. Likewise, because each employee and each department is integral to the entire APCH community, we expect that as you focus on your area, you will also consider the big picture and the overall mission of the agency, and communicate with the appropriate individuals if/when you become aware of problems and/or have suggestions for ways and opportunities to make APCH stronger and better. Together, we can continue to take APCH to even higher levels of excellence and service to the community.

Technical and Performance Skills

Excellent Verbal Skills

Excellent Written Communication Skills

Customer Service

Ability to Multitask





Time Management


Dedication to Excellence

Strong Organizational Skills

Google Workplace

Adobe Creative Cloud Proficient

Strong Collaboration Skills

Innovative and Creative

An artistic point of view and understanding of the Arts as a medium for human enrichment and development


Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts and/or Production, or Equivalent Experience

2 years experience working with at risk youth

2 years experience working with youth in a classroom setting

Experience and proficiency in teaching theater classes in at least two disciplines (acting, tech, movement, voice etc.)

Experience in managing a small theater or being an active member of a theater company

Experience running events - Theater company experience may apply

Familiarity and interest in community outreach, promotions and marketing

Bilingual (English/Spanish) a plus

To apply

Using the link provided, create an account on our website. Upload, resume cover letter, and sign the application.

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