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About this organization

A Place Called Home is a dynamic, non-profit youth and community center in South Central Los Angeles. APCH provides educational programs, counseling, mentoring, music, dance and art classes, fitness, and health and wellness opportunities. As youth participate in our programs, they discover interests and talents and develop a better sense of themselves and their place in the world around them. Our goal is to increase the likelihood that youth will stay in school, pursue higher education, attain viable jobs, and become active community members capable of making positive change in the world in which they live.

About this job

Under the direction of the Associate Director of Teen & Young Adult Services, the Mentoring Manager is responsible for managing the existing one-on-one community-based program (LIFE Mentoring Program) & co-facilitation of peer mentoring groups (i.e. Girl Power, Girls Empowering Many, Journey and Jr. Journey) and launching a place-based mentoring program. The LIFE Mentoring Program (LMP) is built on the core values of leadership, inspiration, fostering growth, and empowerment, and pairs individual APCH members with positive, caring adults in the community who act in a non-professional helping capacity to provide relationship-based support that benefits one or more areas of the member’s development. Our peer mentoring groups are weekly gatherings facilitated by staff and volunteers to cultivate our members’ character, leadership, voice, and sense of community within each cohort through discussions, reflection, collaborative service projects, guest speakers, field trips, community-building activities, and special events.

The Mentoring Manager is an innovative thinker and collaborator who has comprehensive knowledge of mentoring techniques and best practices to improve and support member outcomes around academic performance, career readiness, social-emotional competence, healthy habits, and healthy relationships. The Mentoring Manager accomplishes this, with support from the Mentoring Coordinator, by producing mentoring matches that promote positive youth development and social-emotional development. To achieve this, the Mentoring Manager will develop and implement a mentor recruitment plan that results in a consistent pool of high-quality mentors, develop and facilitate training to increase mentors’ ability to guide and support mentees, and implement strategies to retain mentors. The Mentoring Manager is responsible for the supervision & training of the mentoring program staff to ensure quality control, proper mentee training, timely case management, and a strong pipeline of members interested in participating in the program. The Mentoring Manager is responsible for staffing the peer mentoring groups and works collaboratively with the facilitators to craft curricula, member service projects, and facilitate field trips and guest speakers.

The Mentoring Manager is a visionary with the ability to think big while tending to the details of the day-to-day. This person takes initiative and uses creativity to execute their plans and ideas while employing an open style of communication and collaboration. They will have an ambitious and outgoing attitude. They will have the skills to build and maintain high quality, long term relationships with recruitment partners and represent A Place Called Home at the level of excellence we provide to our members.

Roles & responsibilities

Essential duties and responsibilities:

Mentor Recruitment & Retention Management

  • Responsible for cultivating a consistent pool of high-quality mentors through establishing strategic partnerships, coordinating regular events/outreach, and maintaining efficient tracking and onboarding systems. This role also strategizes ways to retain matches through mentor training, peer learning and community building opportunities, case management, recognition opportunities, and more.
  • Responsible for recruiting and onboarding adult mentors that align with program goals, member needs & interests
  • In collaboration with the Mentoring Coordinator develop and implement a mentor and mentee recruitment outreach plan that aligns with program and department goals
  • In collaboration with all APCH Programs, develop marketing plans and materials to distribute recruitment materials and presentations to targeted groups, organizations, and individuals, and ensure the LIFE Mentoring Program has a presence at partner agencies and community events, etc.
  • Facilitate mentor screening protocols to ensure an appropriate fit for the program & members and that all eligibility requirements are fulfilled
  • Work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure mentor screening and training protocol remain aligned with agency volunteer standards to ensure safety for all members that participate in the mentoring program
  • Ensure that all mentors receive the Member Engagement & Mandated Reporter trainings facilitated by our Counseling Department
  • Work closely with Mentor Coordinator and other relevant APCH staff to align mentor recruitment with member needs and interests to make high-quality matches
  • Work closely with onsite education partner staff to screen mentors that will be appropriate support for members with higher support needs
  • Responsible for coordinating and facilitating match introduction meetings between mentee, parent, and mentor
  • Cultivate community, organization, business, and collegiate partnerships that will provide an ongoing supply of potential mentors
  • Work collaboratively with the Communications team to utilize national campaigns, such as National Mentor Month, to highlight the mentoring program and serve as an online recruitment tool
  • Oversee inquiry and orientation process for community members interested in becoming a mentor to ensure excellent public relations and customer service
  • Develop and execute regular trainings for new and existing mentors to increase the mentor’s ability to support their mentee
  • Create peer learning opportunities for mentors to share resources and support one another while mentoring a member
  • Provide opportunities for mentors to get involved in agency-wide volunteer opportunities to strengthen their connection to the mission of the agency and their purpose for mentoring
  • Facilitate, with the support of program staff and volunteer department staff, an annual acknowledgment ceremony for mentor volunteers
  • Provide timely and adequate case management support and resources to mentors on a bi-monthly basis
  • Develop and implement short and long-term retention strategies (i.e. formative evaluation tools) to ensure match growth and retention
  • LIFE Mentoring Program Management
  • Manages all LIFE Mentoring Program components, such as trainings, events, match support, onboarding, and program policies, and works collaboratively with the LIFE Mentoring Coordinator to ensure the program produces matches that build trusting relationships between the mentor and mentee as well as support goal completion and contribute to member outcomes in areas such as academic, vocational, social-emotional, and developmental.
  • Responsible for managing LIFE Mentoring Program and implementing best practices to yield high-quality matches that build towards positive outcomes in academic performance, career readiness, social-emotional competence, and healthy habits for teen members
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of effective mentee recruitment strategies to create a strong pipeline of interested members
  • Responsible for the oversight of mentee and parent screenings, trainings, match retention support, and match closure activities
  • Hire, supervise, train, and evaluate mentoring staff progress and provide ongoing supervision and support to meet program goals.
  • Oversee implementation of program evaluation, including agency assessment tools, match quality assessments, SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) assessments, and exit surveys
  • Responsible for supporting the scheduling and facilitating, when necessary, the mentee and parent orientations to participate in the LIFE Mentoring Program
  • Accountable to maintain program caseload and inform Program Directors when goals aren’t being met, quickly pivoting to find a creative solution
  • Manage and conduct regular audits of match case notes and files to ensure all physical and digital records are complete, accurate, and up to date
  • Collaborate with the Mentoring Coordinator in the planning and implementation of mentor/mentee group events (e.g., volunteer and community service efforts, field trips, orientation, and end-of-year events, etc.)
  • In collaboration with the program coordinator, plan and implement an annual recognition event for mentoring program participants
  • Maintain and update the program’s policy and procedure manual as needed
  • Attend local/regional/national conferences to increase knowledge of mentoring programs and best practices
  • Collaborate with local and national mentoring organizations to develop a network and share best practices
  • Collaborate with Mentoring Coordinator to create regular mentor appreciation opportunities for mentees
  • Collaborate across departments at APCH to assist in identification of potential mentors and mentees

Group Mentoring Program Management

  • Manages peer mentoring group programs and works collaboratively with program stakeholders, including staff facilitators, independent contractors, volunteers, and guest speakers, to create intentional spaces for designated cohorts.
  • In collaboration with program facilitators, responsible for setting strategic and program goals for peer mentoring groups
  • Recruit, approve, and coordinate group mentoring facilitators that support and align with agency values
  • In collaboration with group facilitators, develop and approve youth-centered curriculum that aligns with program and member developmental goals
  • Develop and maintain relationships with partner organizations and guest speakers
  • Responsible for planning and implementing joint group activities, including field trips, community-building activities, member service projects, culmination events, and agency fundraising events
  • Supervise peer group mentoring volunteers and interns
  • Co-facilitate peer mentoring groups as necessary
  • In collaboration with the Program Directors and the IMPACT Program Manager, responsible for launching place-based group mentoring for our highest need members (IMPACT youth)
  • Manage mentor recruitment for facilitation of IMPACT sessions
  • Responsible for the coordination of the group logistics & curricula, including oversight of the mentee recruitment and participation goals

Administrative Duties

  • Manage department budget, program expenses tracking and submitting check requests for program supplies and independent contractors
  • Responsible for the financial oversight of department grants
  • Support with gathering relevant data and information for monthly/quarterly reports, grant requests, and general updates as requested
  • Create and submit paperwork and reports in a timely fashion
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Facilitate program-specific team meetings
  • Support other team members in carrying out center protocols, rules, and policies

Other Non-Essential Responsibilities

  • Assist with the supervision of members during program hours, special events, and field trips
  • Serve as a mentor and role model for members
  • Attend all required program meetings and events
  • Perform other tasks as assigned


The ideal candidate for the Mentoring Manager will be an individual who carries high personal and professional standards, is high energy by nature, and enjoys partnering with others to achieve successful outcomes. To be successful in this role the Mentor Recruitment and Retention Manager candidate will focus on achieving excellence of service and performance in the five core competencies identified by the agency: integrity & trust, adaptability, accountability, learning and development, and compassion. As a Manager, the candidate will also be expected to excel in the five management competencies of motivating others, communication, managing systems, leadership, work quality, and innovation. The candidate will embrace the APCH culture of a learning organization and strive to constantly improve upon systems and services for the benefit of our employees and our constituents; and will be demonstrably committed to their own ongoing personal and professional development. Our culture encourages individuals to speak up, we respect the diversity of thought, and we look to our staff to be candid with concerns and constructive suggestions. Together, we can continue to take APCH to even higher levels of excellence and service to the community.

Technical and Performance Skills

  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Customer Service
  • Time Management
  • Ability to Multitask
  • Flexibility
  • Mission-Driven
  • Dedicated to excellence
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Strong Organizational Skills
  • Microsoft Office Skills
  • Excel and Database Management

Management Skills

  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) Preferred
  • Education/Training/Experience
  • B.A. degree in social services or related field (social work, psychology, non-profit management, and/or education) or Equivalent Experience
  • A minimum of three years of experience in mentoring, youth development, and working within community organizations and/or schools
  • Some management experience and/or training
  • Have knowledge of curriculum development, policies, and procedures
  • Experience with Apricot 360 Case Management Software and Salesforce (Preferred)
  • Experience working in racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse urban communities

Physical and Mental Demands

  • Able to work in a dynamic and high noise level environment typical of a youth center
  • Walking, standing required on a daily basis
  • Sitting and use of hands/vision for computer work for extended periods of time
  • Lift up to 25 pounds occasionally

Additional Information

  • Able to work well with diverse populations of employees and clients
  • Able to work evenings and/or weekends for the department and/or agency events
  • Solution-oriented team player who both promotes and practices a growth mindset
  • Provides exemplary customer service and welcoming hospitality
  • Temporary Telecommuting due to COVID-19

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