2022 Grants Challenge

Change will begin from change within

Structural development begins with a change of mind. Opportunities are truly executed when the mind presented with the opportunities are fully interested and invested. Our goal/mission is to help underprivileged/at risk youth realize their dreams and goals are reachable. We will implement a four to six week cinematography course teaching basics to those who lack financial stability to obtain such courses. Caseload will work on projects that will give them enough experience and knowledge to qualify for future job opportunities in Visual arts.


What is the primary issue area that your application will impact?

Access to Creative Industry Employment (sponsored by Snap Foundation)

In which areas of Los Angeles will you be directly working?

Central LA

South LA

West LA

In what stage of innovation is this project, program, or initiative?

Pilot or new project, program, or initiative

What is your understanding of the issue that you are seeking to address?

The entire Pride In Unity staff comes from underprivileged communities. We have a history within our organization of working directly in group homes, halfway houses, and several community colleges. Our organization works consistently within the community with multiple organizations and community leaders implementing diverse projects to help with safety and inequality that plague the urban communities in the greater Los Angeles area.

Describe the project, program, or initiative this grant will support to address the issue.

Through entertainment, excursions, and Impact Sessions we provide youth/young adults an outlet to relieve stress, openly discuss their dreams, goals, fears and current situations with each other. Establishing goal oriented young adults with networks that can readily be available to them for advancement, mentally, spiritually, and financially. Learn about their chosen field of arts and entertainment, i.e. business, and equipment associated with their chosen craft. Get to know their classmates and future business associates through our Impact Sessions: (a lot of the youth were taught to be separated coming from rival gangs communities and/or different ethnicities/spiritual backgrounds, our goal is to find a commonality through business, athletics, entertainment, and spirituality.) Learn how to work in groups to achieve goals. Learn public speaking and self expression through their art, talents, and gifts. Create a plan of action for their future business aspirations, career, and life.

Describe how Los Angeles County will be different if your work is successful.

The Pride in Unity program will help to develop small visual art franchises in Los Angeles where the entire caseload becomes shareholders/owners of their projects , establishing self confidence, higher self esteem, spiritual growth, and positive mindsets that produce positive outcomes for their future. We hope that they in turn will help others within their community with what they learned and we can create a recycling network that helps to promote and advance them in areas they wouldn't normally be included. A lot of the youth/young adults in these impoverished areas grow up in fatherless and/or abusive homes without positive role models or influences. Without being able to dream or achieve obtainable short term goals a lot of the times they are left feeling hopeless. In most cases leading to early incarceration and mental illness. We want to provide a service that diverts that cycle and promotes inclusivity, financial opportunities, and outlets for artistic cultural reflection.

What evidence do you have that this project, program, or initiative is or will be successful, and how will you define and measure success?

By taking weekly assessments on the caseload that we facilitate we are able to see how caseload is affected. The assessment is based upon short term goal sheets that we take at the beginning of each course of curriculum during one on one impact sessions. The weekly assessments are based upon data collected, family interactions, and community engagement during and after the course. We also stay involved and act like a Big brother system making ourselves readily available providing necessary resources and access to equipment and other materials needed to stay ahead in the field that caseload so chooses for advancement.

Approximately how many people will be impacted by this project, program, or initiative?

Direct Impact: 20

Indirect Impact: 200