2020 Grants Challenge

Recovery from Homelessness to Self-Sufficiency

The Midnight Mission (TMM) offers a variety of programs for homeless individuals & families, the goal of which is to give program participants the tools needed to achieve & maintain self-sufficiency with the goal of preventing future homelessness. Program graduates are now living healthy lives, working successfully in the community, reunited with their families and living in permanent housing. We feel LA2050 Goals of LIVE fit perfectly within TMM’s current programs.


In which areas of Los Angeles will you be directly working?

County of Los Angeles

In what stage of innovation is this project?

Expand existing program

What is the need you’re responding to?

The Midnight Mission (TMM) offers a variety of life-saving programs for homeless individuals & families, one of which is our Healthy Living program. Most of those in this program come from a life of being homeless and suffer from drug, & alcohol and substance abuse disorders. While we know the problem of homelessness isn’t always associated with substance abuse disorders, we do know if there is a problem with this addiction, if it is not addressed, there is little to no hope for the person. Our Healthy Living program incorporates the already successful 12-step philosophy used in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), combined with case management plans, which provide the tools needed to achieve & maintain self-sufficiency.

Why is this project important to the work of your organization?​

Our Healthy Living program has been in effect for over 45 years. This program has shown its success by the amount of Alumni who are free from substance abuse, living happy, successful, and self-sufficient lives. This is a NO COST 12- 18-month structured process for homeless male adults who want help to overcome their addiction. It includes sobriety support, health & wellness, education, job training & many other services geared towards providing our participants tools necessary to live a self-sufficient life. We transform lives through education, awareness, & behavior modifications we believe in helping our participants achieve a healthy balance between body, mind, emotions, & spirit. . With strong educational, vocational, medical, legal, health & wellness resources, our program gives each person the tools to become self-sufficient & free from substance abuse. Because we don’t rely on government funding our need for grants and private funding are imperative.

Approximately how many people will be impacted by this proposal?​

Direct Impact: 1,300

Indirect Impact: 7,800

Please describe the broader impact of your proposal.

15% who are homeless suffer from chronic substance abuse, those on Skid Row, 62% report a substance abuse problem. Addiction affects family relationships, physical & mental health, fiancés, employment & housing stability. A study conducted by NIDA has shown that over 1/2 of the estimated costs of addiction were associated with criminal activity. According to NIDA, “every $1 invested in addiction treatment programs yields a return of between $4 and $7 in reduced drug-related crime, criminal justice costs, and theft alone. When savings related to health care are included, total savings can exceed costs by 12-1.” For every graduate of TMM’s Healthy Living program, hundreds if not thousands of people are positively affected.

Please explain how you will define and measure success for your project.

* Recovery program participants will learn how to manage their addiction by attending 90% of their individual counseling sessions (1 session per week).

* Participants will learn how to interact with their peers, gain self-awareness and interpersonal skills by attending 100% of their psycho-educational groups (2 groups per week).

* Clients will examine their life choices and learn how to solve their problems by attending 100% of their case management conferences (1 session per week).

Which of the LIVE metrics will your submission impact?​

Food insecurity

Healthcare access


Are there any other LA2050 goal categories that your proposal will impact?​

LA is the best place to LEARN

Which of LA2050’s resources will be of the most value to you?​

Access to the LA2050 community

Capacity, including staff

Strategy assistance and implementation