2020 Grants Challenge

Emerging Content Creators Inclusion Initiative (ECCII)

NALIP’s Emerging Content Creators Inclusion Initiative & Workshops are geared towards emerging artists from underrepresented communities who lack the resources and relationships to kickstart their careers in the entertainment industry. NALIP aims to facilitate the Emerging Content Creators Workshops year-round, activating NALIP’s members, supporters, and partners to participate, mentor, and provide participants with valuable knowledge, resources and an accessible point of entry into the entertainment ecosystem.


In which areas of Los Angeles will you be directly working?

County of Los Angeles

In what stage of innovation is this project?

Expand existing program

What is the need you’re responding to?

Los Angeles is a key place for the art of filmmaking, being a strong force for economic growth within our state but often we find that people of color have less opportunities from entering the entertainment industry and navigating within it to tell their stories to actual career opportunities. It is imperative that we empower and strengthen emerging talent and professionals from underrepresented communities for the future in the industry. We provide people opportunities through scholarships, mentoring, and navigation through the various avenues within the industry. Emerging writers to content creators and executive professionals have fresh ideas, ambition, and undeniable potential to start a change for themselves and multicultural representation.

NALIP acts as a stepping stone and encourages creatives to express their voice and develop as professionals. This call is to push for authentic and accurate representation on screen to mirror the diversity we see in our everyday lives.

Why is this project important to the work of your organization?​

NALIP’s long history of programs and campaigns demonstrate our devotion to inspire diverse creatives to express themselves and triumph. We are one of the leading organizations who are prioritizing a latinx pipeline into the entertainment sphere.

The Emerging Content Creators Inclusion Initiative (ECCII) was created to strengthen the skills and knowledge of content creators and emerging professionals who are ready to become advantageous members in the entertainment industry. Our workshops, mentorships, and scholarships are geared toward guiding people down their chosen career paths in the entertainment fields.

NALIP as an organization is uniquely suited to take this on because this initiative has helped build connections, desired skills and knowledge for creatives and professionals to enter the entertainment workforce.

Approximately how many people will be impacted by this proposal?​

Direct Impact: 500

Indirect Impact: 1,000

Please describe the broader impact of your proposal.

NALIP’s Emerging Content Creators Inclusion Initiative will have a broader impact on the industry-at-large by providing a platform for emerging creatives and professionals from underrepresented communities to further their knowledge of different fields in the workforce, networking skills, and further advance in the industry.

NALIP is working to improve representation in TV and film in front and behind the camera by providing opportunities of connection with all levels within the entertainment industry.

Please explain how you will define and measure success for your project.

NALIP seeks true, measurable success through all its programs, particularly for the Emerging Content Creators Inclusion Initiative, in evaluating the number of scholarships disbursed, events held throughout the year, industry mentors engaged and tracking of progress beyond the program.

NALIP has offered hundreds over scholarships yearly to attend the NALIP Media Summit where the Emerging Content Creators Workshop takes place. In 2019, NALIP offered 200 scholarships to emerging creatives and professionals. During the workshop, scholarship recipients engaged in a mentorship session with engagement from up to 10 mentors from different fields of the industry.

During the fall of NALIP’s Latino Media Fest, recipients attended insightful workshops with seasoned professionals at top talent agencies where they learned from seasoned professionals as well as break into intimate groups where they had more one-on-one mentorship sessions.

In the winter, participants attended the Diverse Women in Media Forum, and engaged in an intimate setting for emerging and established Women of Color to network, receive mentorship and build community.

Success is also measured by the number of participants NALIP tracks and supports past this program to ensure they succeed, including providing additional opportunities in the industry and recommendations. In the past 18 months, NALIP has created a pipeline of talent and placed over 40 creatives and executives in positions throughout the entertainment industry.

Which of the CONNECT metrics will your submission impact?​

Public arts and cultural events

LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion

Disability access and inclusion

Are there any other LA2050 goal categories that your proposal will impact?​

LA is the best place to LEARN

Which of LA2050’s resources will be of the most value to you?​

Access to the LA2050 community

Host public events or gatherings

Communications support

Office space for meetings, events, or for staff