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TEAM Collaborative

The 12-week comprehensive program is designed to give participants a 360° immersive hands-on experience. It allows emerging talent an opportunity to explore how their interests and skill sets align with different areas. In addition, they gain work-relevant skills and abilities that are widely used across all industry sectors and job families. Participants engage in various aspects of entertainment, arts and media with a focus on technology.


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While many STEM-centered programs focus solely on developing computer science skills, we create a gateway into the entire business of the STEM ecosystem. It is not enough for young people to “learn to code”—nor is it realistic to assume that everyone will have an interest in pursuing computer science-related careers. At B~STEM, we believe that all students need to develop confidence with STEM disciplines to become successful, and well-rounded adults, in the 21st-century. Therefore, we offer unique programs with a broad range of activities. We give participants an opportunity to see STEM through a creative and accessible lens—and develop leadership skills that will be relevant to any career.

While our fashion, music and sports programs engage students with diverse academic interests—including those with interests in non-STEM careers—our program introduces participants to the critical role math, science, technology, and engineering play in all disciplines. Also, along with our hackathons and game development workshops, these programs allow participants to gain insights about all aspects of product development, including ideation, prototyping, design, user-testing, marketing, branding, financing, and business strategies. Students learn how to conceive and design products—taking their creative concepts from ideation to iteration.

Another key factor in our success is our collaboration with leading companies, such as Microsoft, Verizon, Leo Burnett, YouTube, Morgan Stanley, Motorola, Samsung and many more. We have partnered with leading companies across industries—and have developed promising relationships within academia. We invite leaders and innovators to lecture, coach, mentor and inspire our students.

At the core of our mission is the desire to create transformational, life-changing experiences that expose young girls and women to the myriad of opportunities that exist within STEM disciplines and set them on a path toward a successful future. We believe that exposure and exploration promote learning, creativity, and innovation.

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HOW WE WILL MEASURE PROGRESS: TEAM Collaborative is an intensive multi-disciplinary program for female talent at various stages in their journey. We provide participants with insights, experience, and relevant training in the entertainment, media and arts industries. The Project Based Learning (PBL) program offers extensive hands-on engagement. Participants must develop a high-level of critical thinking, in-depth knowledge, and technical strategies relevant to their chosen profession. The aim is to develop new skills and expose participants to emerging practices and trends that will, ultimately, foster remarkable work. TEAM Collaborative bridges the gap between professionals and emerging talent to meet the demand for continuous change and innovation.

After successful completion of this program, participants will be able to:

- Apply fundamental principles and basic concepts of in their areas of practice, including production, content creation, media, communication, public relations, and editing

- Gain experience in their industries and leverage that experience in their prospective industries

-Discuss, develop, and present content

- Collaborate with colleagues and partners to complete creative projects

- Network with, and learn from, established professionals

ABOUT THE POPULATION: 20-25 female participants, including college students, graduate students, and recent graduates.

HOW WE WILL EXECUTE THE PROGRAM: The 12-week comprehensive program is designed to give participants a 360° immersive, hands-on experience. In this course, teams of students will serve as agents for an actual client. Projects may include the production of short films and other content, the development and implementation of marketing and branding strategies, and other relevant assignments.

B~STEM will work with partner agencies to develop a set of deliverables for the students.

Students will use their expertise and training to complete the assignment and receive guidance from our partner agencies throughout the duration of the 12-week program.


Grant award determined, outline obligations (Month 1)

Finalize agreement and disbursement terms, period (Month 2)

Finalize program evaluation tools (Month 2-3)

Train volunteers (Month 3)

Recruit program participants (Month 3-4)

Phase one: In-take data/survey (baseline) (Month 4)

Implement 12-week TEAM Collaborative program (Month 5-7)

Phase two evaluation and program review (Month 8)

Share evaluation results with stakeholders and grantmaker. Award closeout (Month 9)

In what stage of innovation is this project?​

Pilot project (testing a new idea on a small scale to prove feasibility)

Please explain how you will define and measure success for your project.​

Since 2016, B~STEM Project has engaged 3,010 participants, administered 2,121 hours of programming, and supported 1,501 projects developed by our emerging talent. Our programs provide workforce preparation and youth development. (Both are necessary when cultivating talent for success.) In addition, we provide a safe and supportive environment where youth are encouraged to ask questions and venture into the unknown. Even more importantly, we ensure that participants develop valuable relationships with peers and professionals. We expose young girls and women to transformational growth opportunities—and we understand that exploration promotes learning, creativity, and innovation.

Through our hands-on and online components, we have been able to expand our reach. Through our social communities, YouTube ambassadors, thought-leaders and celebrity supporters, we are increasingly amplifying our mission. With their support, our direct impressions have reached over 20 million. We also strive to quantify and qualify our programs’ impact. Throughout the entire process, we survey students’ knowledge and understanding. This occurs during our online application process and through on-site surveys before and after learning sessions. We also interview and survey our partners, and our professional participants, to gain important insights about our program. In short, we are committed to amassing qualitative and quantitative data about our performance—and leveraging this data to provide more effective programs.