HIP Through Science: bringing quality and hip STEM Education to our urban communities.

HIP Through Science is looking to expand efforts that educate youth in the communities of South LA in the STEM fields, we plan to add 1000 additional youth served in the next three years.


Please describe the activation your organization seeks to launch.

HIP Through Science seeks to make STEM Education HIP, relatable and obtainable for children in our underserved communities.Our STEM program is aiming to change the culture and perception of STEM fields, we'd like to encourage more children to join the STEM career fields who come from our underserved communities. We are currently making great strides in the past three years,we are now also aiming to activate more community residents to help inspire our HIP Through Science Kids to purse STEM jobs.

Which of the LEARN metrics will your activation impact?​

College matriculation rates

District-wide graduation rates

Students’ immersion in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math content

Will your proposal impact any other LA2050 goal categories?​

LA is the best place to CREATE

LA is the best place to PLAY

LA is the best place to CONNECT

LA is the healthiest place to LIVE

In what areas of Los Angeles will you be directly working?​

South LA

How will your activation mobilize Angelenos?​

Trainings and/or in-person engagements

Influence individual behavior

Connect Angelenos with impactful volunteer opportunities

Describe in greater detail how your activation will make LA the best place to LEARN?​

HIP Through Science will make LA the best place to learn by bringing relatable, fun, science programs to youth in Watts, Compton, and South Los Angeles. Partnerships with local parks, housing projects, and auxiliary school programs allows the lab to travel to where the students are. Tapping into a network of local tech companies, entrepreneurs, engineers allows HIP Through Science to bring culturally relevant curriculum and connections to youth who would otherwise not have these opportunities. Youth in the HIP Through Science program are able to participate in year-round learning courses that expose them to [CA education standard] based projects. The lab increases exposure to STEM careers, provides one-on-one learning opportunities, and inspires the next generation of STEM leaders to grow in their local communities. The program provides an opportunity for local youth to start STEM learning in Kindergarten and stay with the program through high school at no cost and no travel obligation. Activities like the HIP Through Science, bowling fundraisers, the Annual HIP Through Science Fair, and Our Annual Galas are additional opportunities for community members, youth, to participate in the development of the HIP Through Science Program. HIP Through Science Kids interact with honor students, local leaders, and their peers outside of an academic setting. By doing these action items we are immersing students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math content. We are encouraging matriculation in to college and we are also hoping to improve proficiency in English and Language Arts and Math.

How will your activation engage Angelenos to make LA the best place to LEARN​

HIP Through Science will engage Angelenos to make LA the best place to learn by continuing to create STEM education platforms such as our Weekly HIP Through Science Sessions, our Annual HIP Through Science Fair, and partnering with local agencies at community health events. In South LA we will continue to bring quality learning to students in a relatable way. The population of students in grades K-8 lacks sufficient STEM education resources and educational programs. Our weekly HIP Through Science lessons generally revolve around a theme for the month, for example Robotics. We then have a 30 minute lecture on the subject which may include written assignments and/or reading materials, helping develop literacy skills and word association. Following the lecture is a fun, interactive experiment that’s memorable and appeals to students who are more hands-on learners.

Our annual HIP Through Science Fair has been growing the last 2 years and were heading into our 3rd, which will surpass the two previous in terms of participation and community support. The Science fair in South LA, particularly Watts community allows students the platform to be recognized for their academic ability in the STEM field. We've have had projects such as creating plasma, breaking down the chemical reaction of a smoke bomb, air propulsion devices and alternative energy methods. This event showcases children with a passion for science and those who witness an opportunity to be engaged and gain interest.

Please explain how you will define and measure success for your activation.​

The measures of our success will be quantified through a variety of methods. We will have quarterly quizzes that will be assigned and given out to each site to find out what educational points need to be improved on. We will track the improvements and our goal will be to have each child improve test scores and be STEM ready to meet state-wide testing requirements. HIP Through Science surveys will be given out also quarterly to determine and measure the interest gained while attending sessions. Information will be provided on such topics as what are the STEM field careers that they are familiar with before and after, what type of STEM careers relate to what they would like to do in life. Our Annual HIP Through Science Fair has been gaining more interest and more participants; we have doubled our number of participants and community attendance since our first. We will continue to measure the attendance of our future science fairs. Our success will also be measured by our youths’ willingness to participate in sessions and having the confidence to read in front of other peers in each session.

Where do you hope this activation or your organization will be in five years?

In five years I would hope that this activation is able to inspire children from inner cities to pursue STEM careers. We hope to eventually expand this program from city-wide to county-wide, to serve and inspire more youth to chase their dreams in STEM fields.