2018 Grants Challenge

Bring Fresh Food Where it's Needed with Education + Access via SÜPRMARKT

We,ll deliver 1 million pounds of organic produce, 2,000 hours of workshops, and 1000 free deliveries to LA,s food deserts to make fresh food affordable for all and create a healthy future for us all.


Please describe the activation your organization seeks to launch.

SÜPRMARKT has served up 1200+ cases of food since starting in 2016 and seeks to expand its operations by opening a 6 day a week location, serving organics to 1000 customers per week, and providing the community with engaging screenings, workshops, events, and giveaways which make transitioning to healthier lifestyles easy and fun. Our activities will impact health disparities which make diabetes in areas like South LA 25% higher than West LA.

Which of the LIVE metrics will your activation impact?​

Access to healthy food

Healthcare access

Obesity rates

Will your proposal impact any other LA2050 goal categories?​

LA is the best place to LEARN

In what areas of Los Angeles will you be directly working?​

Central LA

East LA

South LA


South Bay


How will your activation mobilize Angelenos?​

Digital organizing or activism

Trainings and/or in-person engagements

Encourage businesses to change practices

Influence individual behavior

Connect Angelenos with impactful volunteer opportunities

Describe in greater detail how your activation will make LA the best place to LIVE?​

More healthy Angelenos makes LA the best place to live because people empowered to eat well are in an excellent position to take charge of their lives and communities in other ways.

LA is already esteemed as a health capital, and our initiatives present a great opportunity to spread that culture to people from all ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds.

Living in a food desert means there are no incredible places to eat and this limits an area's ability to attract restaurant revenue and the dollars of residents.

The CHC states, “when healthy food options are not available in a community, residents must travel to buy the foods they need. To reach their preferred store, five times as many residents of South LA (16 percent of shoppers) have to travel at least 20 minutes compared with residents of West LA (3 percent of shoppers)... often divesting the area of much needed tax revenue, economic development."


Increase the amount of people we serve via a physical location which also provides needed meeting space and free wi-fi to an area which lacks it.

Improve the diets of up to 20,000 community members by providing natural foods and goods at a subsidized rate 6 days a week.

Generate $500,000 to underwrite program costs.

Help 24 vegan manufacturers become established to serve their community long term Generate revenue necessary to underwrite costs of physical location, and social impact costs.

Use events, programs, and print materials will create infrastructure for a better future in food.

Lead 20 workshops, dinners, and screenings which share great vegan food and skills with the community will provide the one-one one support individuals need to change their lives.

Produce 100 recipes + videos will show customers how to use the food they get and cards in the boxes will help children and adults identify potentially unknown food they are receiving.

Create consistent content and branding across web, print, and social media platforms, with a body of 25+ materials which will serve as a baseline for influence, education, and outreach.

Reach 700,000 video viewers and 40,000 event attendees with exponential impacts to close network, family and friends.

Leverage staff stipends will increase our ability to support and engage our volunteers who are critical for our ability to serve our mission and for growth.

Forge vital partnerships with local and national business, schools, and churches the create a widely spread messaging campaign which inspires Angelenos to eat well.

Track instances of reversed or improved conditions of disease amongst those it serves.

How will your activation engage Angelenos to make LA the best place to LIVE​

Our initial target areas include: South LA, Compton/ Watts, Hawthorne/ Gardena, and East LA.

Our tactics for reaching our goals include:

12 screenings a year in partnership with other organizations which educate viewers about health and surrounding issues and provide action items.

Biweekly food demos which provide guests with materials for healthy staples at home and the knowledge of how to prep them.

Biweekly giveaways of food, body, and lifestyle products which further a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle change sponsorships in which 200 angelenos receive 1 on 1 help to transform their kitchens, gain all needed kitchen equipment, and learn new recipes and skills.

Creating a physical location at which guests can receive natural foods and lifestyle items (detergent, etc.) at subsidized prices.

A school and community institution outreach program which will lead 100 demos over 2 years on healthy lifestyle changes.

A fund for up to 1000 free deliveries for those who demonstrate need.

Please explain how you will define and measure success for your activation.​

We will measure our impact using social media metrics, by counting customers and subscriptions, by event engagement, and by counting cases of food.

We will also collect data, document, and quantify customer reports of eating more produce because of our service, changing their diets, and clearing medical conditions such as obesity while using our service.

This project validates the viability of healthy and helpful businesses in low income areas and helps create strong wellness-driven presence across disadvantaged areas in LA county. We intend to become brand ambassadors for health empowerment for underserved audiences, creating excitement and new mindsets about eating in the popular discourse.

We will know we have been successful if we have created a culture of better diets and increased knowledge around food issues in our target areas, and we will use the methods described above to measure our success.

Where do you hope this activation or your organization will be in five years?

We hope to have a thriving physical location and be in position to open more centers in food deserts nationally. We hope to have sparked lifestyle changes in 10,000 individuals, have welcomed 40,000 guests at our events, and be serving 2000+ with produce weekly. We hope to be incubating healthy food manufacturers intra-community in LA. We also hope to be self sustaining and able to run the majority of our programs using produce sales without the need for outside funding.