2016 Grants Challenge

CSUN’s Recruiting Boot Camp helps students gain the skills they need to get their careers started.

California State University,Northridge wants to offer accounting students from underserved communities the job skills they need to launch their careers.


Please describe your project proposal.

CSUN’s Accounting Career Center offers advisement/coaching, resume writing, interviewing, job search training, and job and internship placement help.

Our annual two-day Recruiting Boot Camp is held each summer for accounting juniors/seniors. Industry professionals offer classes on interviewing, business ethics, proper working attire, networking and more.

This grant will allow CSUN to include more students, add a one-day spring program and extend orientation to CSUN freshmen and sophomores.

Which of the LEARN metrics will your proposal impact?​

Youth unemployment and underemployment

In what areas of Los Angeles will you be directly working?

San Fernando Valley

County of Los Angeles

City of Los Angeles

Describe in greater detail how your proposal will make LA the best place to LEARN?

CSUN’s business education extends throughout the San Fernando Valley and well into the Los Angeles region and beyond. Since its founding in 1958, CSUN has made a significant and long-term economic impact on the region and the state of California, generating nearly $1.9 billion in economic impact and nearly 12,000 jobs each year.

One of the benefits of a CSUN accounting education is the mix of theoretical and hands-on training students receive. The online platform College Choice recently ranked CSUN’s bachelor’s program in accounting and informational systems third best in the nation.

Serving more students on Pell Grants than any other institution in California, CSUN is one of the most diverse universities in the country and has been recognized by Insight into Diversity, Diverse Issues in Higher Education and the National Role Models for Diversity conference. Traditionally underserved students in the accounting program have grown steadily, increasing from 18.8% in 1993 to 34.6% in 2015.

The Department of Accounting and Information Systems career center serves as a bridge from college life to the world of work. Services provided by the career center include career and job search counseling; a campus recruiting program; job listings; workshops on resume writing, interviewing, job offer and salary negotiation, internships and more; employer panels on topics such as interviewing and resume writing; a credential file service; and career fairs. Center staff also help the over 2,000 students in the Accounting and Information Systems majors polish their resumes and cover letters, provide appropriate interview clothes to those who can't afford to buy their own, and get them ready for recruiting. This level of coaching is particularly helpful for students from underserved communities, who may not have had access to learning the skills necessary to help them find and win the jobs that they have prepared for during their time at CSUN. Improving and adding capacity for our accounting Recruiting Boot Camp program helps these students take their skills further and helps opens doors to employment and fulfilling careers.

The Accounting Career Center is a key example of why the annual Social Mobility Index, sponsored by CollegeNet, recently ranked CSUN fifth in the nation for its impact on the improved earning power and economic prospects of its graduates. With additional resources, the Career Center will be able to provide services to all those students who deserve them.

Please explain how you will define and measure success for your project.​

We will define success by increasing the number of traditionally underserved students who participate in career center activities, including the Recruiting Boot Camps, and the number of underserved students who are placed in jobs in accounting and information systems industry positions. Students in the Department of Accounting and Information Systems will be required to complete a survey immediately prior to graduation to determine career center programs in which they participated and their perceived impact on job placement, post-graduation employment status, starting salary, etc. The results from the survey will provide the metrics by which we will analyze our success.

How can the LA2050 community and other stakeholders help your proposal succeed?



Technical infrastructure (computers etc.)