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Take Action, LA!

Posted October 28, 2019 by Team LA2050

Feeling inspired by the projects in the 2019 My LA2050 Grants Challenge Report? Every person has the power to make a difference. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Sign up for the LA2050 newsletter: Twice a month we send updates from grantees and partners, job listings, local events, and more to keep you up-to-date on opportunities to get involved. Sign up here.

2. Volunteer: Consider donating your time or skills to support a local organization or nonprofit that is working on a particular topic or cause that you are passionate about. Get started by checking out these volunteer opportunities from LA2050 grantees.

3. Replicate a great idea: Did you see a project that made you think “we need this"? Take inspiration from one of the projects from this year's grants challenge or browse the LA2050 Ideas Archive with more than six years of proposals from amazing organizations. Pick one that inspires you, and reach out to the organization to see how you can help bring the project to life for your community.

4. Collaborate and partner: Look for opportunities to engage with local organizations, nonprofits, and businesses that are working on social causes directly related to your industry. If you're looking for ideas, take a look at our metrics to identify where you can make progress toward each goal.

5. Make impact locally: Consider everything you do an opportunity to make an impact! Take small steps every day that can have a major impact in the long run, such as supporting your local farmer's market, purchasing sustainable products, participating in the census, or getting involved with your local neighborhood council. Use your voice, strategize and organize around a particular issue that matters to you, such as improving access to healthy foods, reducing homelessness, or reducing your carbon footprint.

6. Start conversations: Some of the biggest social change movements start with a simple question. Start conversations with your friends, family, and co-workers about things you learned from these proposals or trends from this grants challenge. From educating your neighbors, coworkers, and friends about the U.S. census to bringing a “pop-up" or mobile experience to your community to using trends for academic research and school projects related to social impact, everything can spark change.