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Make a New Year's Resolution That Makes A Difference

Posted January 10, 2020 by Team LA2050

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What will you commit to doing to make a difference in 2020?

Maybe you want to get more involved in social justice, social change, or making LA a better place.

Maybe you want to volunteer more.

Maybe this is the year you get a job that combines your love of working hard and doing good.

Maybe you'll make a commitment to being more civically engaged by getting involved in the Census.

Maybe you'll resolve to increase LA's voting outcomes by encouraging your friends and neighbors to understand the issues and voting in all local and national elections!

Whatever you want to accomplish this year, we are here for you.

Just let us know what YOU are going to do in 2020 and we will make sure to deliver information that helps you reach your goals. (We'll also help you stay on track with a friendly reminder here and there).

To get started, just pick a goal today:

Get involved with a local cause - Take the pledge to get more involved in 2020 and we'll send you volunteer opportunities, information about impactful organizations, and other ways to use your time and resources to support change in your community.

Be more civically engaged - We'll send you information about local elections, tips on how to get out the vote, and ways to become more civically active in LA―from making sure your community counts in the 2020 Census to participating in your neighborhood council.

Make a difference with your job - We'll send you the latest job opportunities, tips on applying, and ways to successfully integrate impact into any job.

Here's to an amazing 2020!