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Happy 240th Birthday, Los Angeles!


On September 4, 2021, the City of Los Angeles celebrates its 240th birthday!

To commemorate the occasion, we've transformed our ongoing "Fave Five" feature into an e-booklet and interactive map. Inside, you'll learn about 100 interesting places and spaces in Los Angeles, as nominated by 20 community-minded social impact leaders. There are recommendations for hiking, biking, dining, volunteering, and more! Check it out:

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Featured: Tara Roth, Lucia Torres, Joel Arquillos, Jamiah Hargins, Shauna Nep, Rudy Espinoza, Karen Earl, Nika Soon-Shiong, Christina Margiotta, John Echeveste, Nichol Whiteman, Andrew Glazier, Austin Clements, Shawn Kravich, Karen Mack, John Yi, Bonnie Oliva-Porter, Richard France, John Bwarie, Derek Smith, and Carmen Palafox

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