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Goldhirsh Foundation Welcomes Jen García, AI Education Strategist


The Goldhirsh Foundation announced that Jen García will join as the organization’s AI Education Strategist.

The purpose of this role is to harness the transformative power of artificial intelligence in advancing the Foundation’s philanthropic goals, fostering innovation, and supporting the community of grantees of the Foundation and its LA2050 initiative.

Jen will provide targeted consulting to grantees to help them adopt AI technologies for social good, focusing on capacity building and sustainable innovation. Jen will also lead workshops and training sessions on AI applications in philanthropy, tailored to diverse levels of tech proficiency. Previously, Jen provided support at the LA2050 Artificial Intelligence for Social Good training workshop we held for grantees, partners, and allies.

AI, especially as related to ethics and community impact, is a topic we have been tracking at the Goldhirsh Foundation since 2019. Earlier this year, we organized a dinner discussion about the topic; our speakers were Jim Gao and Katie Hoffman, co-founders of Phaidra. Formerly, Jim worked at DeepMind, generally recognized as one of the leading AI organizations, alongside OpenAI. Here’s more information from Goldhirsh Foundation president Tara Roth.

About Jen García: Jen García is a social entrepreneur and former English professor with 19 years’ experience in education and training. Specializing in AI and digital literacy, she empowers social impact organizations and small businesses through comprehensive training programs, founding the 501(c)(3) Employ California to do so for underserved communities. Jen leads impactful networking events and teaches essential skills like networking, writing, critical thinking, and soft skills. She also enjoys training for triathlons, reading, and writing.

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