Five Ways to Make LA the Best Place to LIVE

Posted August 25, 2021 by Team LA2050

The LIVE category represents our vision that all Los Angeles residents will have equitable access to the environmental, economic, and cultural resources needed to thrive. By the year 2050, we hope that Los Angeles will boast the nation's lowest poverty rate and that all communities will have access to fresh and healthy food, high-quality health care, safe housing, and the benefits of a sustainable environment.

Below, learn more about the five most recent My LA2050 Grants Challenge winners making LA the best place to LIVE, and what you can do right now to contribute to their work!

$100,000 Winner: Shower of Hope operates 25 community resources hubs, bringing shower services and other tangible resources to individuals experiencing homelessness. Such resources range from a nutritious meal to assistance with housing, mental health services, or substance abuse recovery.

Help brighten someone's day by serving as a volunteer at one of their Los Angeles sites.

$50,000 Winner: City Plants is relaunching a nursery in Griffith Park to grow climate-ready, locally-sourced trees to distribute to Angelenos via LADWP's Free Trees Program.

Help the planet, help the city, and help yourself! You can pick up or have delivered as many as seven free trees from City Plants. This includes shade trees and street trees; trees for your home or apartment; and trees for your school or business.

$25,000 Winner: Healing California brings free, high-quality dental and vision care to uninsured and underrepresented Angelenos, including veterans, homeless individuals, and families.

Are you a medical, dental, or vision professional? If so, then you can sign up to serve as a Healing California volunteer. And, even if you're not, Healing California could still use you as a general volunteer!

$15,000 Winner: Western Center on Law & Poverty (WCLP) seeks to make sure that LA residents experiencing poverty are protected by California law, both during and after COVID-19.

WCLP makes free legal advocacy resources available to the general public via its website. Resources include litigation practice tips, updates on recent legislation, and more. Check them out.

$10,000 Winner: Westside Pacific Villages empowers people to better navigate the changes and opportunities that come with living longer.

WPV's volunteer network supports older adults aging in their own homes. Just 30 minutes per week can make a huge difference in the life of an older person living independently. Find out about opportunities to volunteer.