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Introducing Our 2023 LA2050 Grants Challenge Funding Partners!


For our 10th annual #LA2050GrantsChallenge, we are humbled to announce that we launched this year’s cycle with these six outstanding funding partners:

•  The Annenberg Foundation, now in its eighth year with the LA2050 Grants Challenge.

•  Snap Foundation, now in its fourth year.

•  Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, for the second consecutive year.

•  John N. Calley Foundation, for the second consecutive year.

•  The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, for its first year.

•  The Elbaz Family Foundation, for its first year.

These philanthropic organizations are pledging additional funding for those applying to the LA2050 Grants Challenge, providing more opportunities for more nonprofit organizations and social enterprises in the Los Angeles region. Their generosity and commitment to community creates impact that will exponentially grow and cultivate lasting change #forabetterLA !

In 2022 $1 million turned into a $2.8 million because of our funding partners, and 37 organizations received funding instead of what began as just 15.

Stay tuned in the months ahead, as we look forward to announcing additional funding partners!

We will also be sharing more updates regarding the work, goals, and impacts of our partners.

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