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Crop Swap Pilots Front Yard Microfarm

Posted February 13, 2021 by Crop Swap Los Angeles

Crop Swap LA is moving forward with its first front yard microfarm. It has not been easy maintaining safety measures at all points during the COVID crisis, but we are even more resolved for our mission because of it. Thank you for your continued support.

Located at 4603 Angeles Vista Boulevard in View Park, we have our materials prepared, vendors selected, and the month-long process to tarp and sunlight deprive the top layer has begun. Drive by sometime to see it (being respectful to the owners, of course).

Our Progress

There were a multitude of businesses and services needed to facilitate this project. To date, we have contracted:

  • Subject area specialists on soil science, irrigation, and design. For instance, EnviroscapeLA is a close collaborator on the project.
  • An outsourced human resources support team for payroll and HR compliance
  • An accountant to ensure we cover expenses and pay taxes reliably
  • An attorney to custom craft land use agreements between CSLA and Homeowners. This ensures a predictable amount of time we can earn income as a partnership.
  • Adequate banking infrastructure to take and receive transactions (contact details are available upon request)

Most notably, the farm design is appropriately innovative for our arid environment, allowing us to capture and recycle rainwater hundreds of times to grow regenerative organic food. We've received our materials, and we're partnering with Enviroscape LA to install it by March 2021.

Our features include:

  • Two basins of water with pumps. These irrigate the crops from the top and imitate rainwater falling during times of drought.
  • Eco rainboxes, which are made from recycled baby bottles. These will be buried under the garden, and make space for irrigated water to recollect and drain into the basins
  • Stuffed garden soxx - custom soil mix, with regeneratively designed soil recipes.
  • Growing seasonal lettuces and herbs like arugula, kale, swiss chard, lemon balm, sage, and rosemary.
  • Onsite seedling nursery
  • Community composting activity partnered with Compost LA

Our Angeles Vista site plan

The costs for the project have increased as time has gone and as design needs have changed. We are confident we can launch a series of these gardens, begin a legitimate movement in the process, and adjust perspectives. It may be one garden that does that, or it may be more than one, as we try to be efficient with precious resources and donations we've gotten for the project.