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Two-year contracted position
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About this organization

Young Storytellers equips young people to be the driving force of their own narratives. We’re passionate about bringing people together and creating stories to raise the voices of those who don’t often get heard. We believe that when a young person understands the power of their own story — made of their unique background, culture, race, gender, sexuality, immigration status, geographic location, and economic statues — it creates a more empathetic and equitable future for everyone. We raise voices, one story at a time.

Young Storytellers works with students in elementary, middle, and high school. In elementary school, students write scripts that are completely their own; in middle school, students write stories about challenges that they face; and in high school, students explore how various communities are portrayed in the media and craft stories that they feel represent their self-identified communities. Students in each program work with volunteer mentors, and every student gets to see their work performed by professional actors. Young Storytellers programs are designed around Common Core standards, integrate Social and Emotional Learning activities, and include components of Learning for Justice’s Social Justice Standards.

About this job


The Program Toolkit Consultant is a two-year contracted position and is integral in the development of a comprehensive program toolkit for Young Storytellers flagship storytelling program, Script to Stage. The YS Script to Stage Toolkit is intended to include all materials needed for program partners (schools and community organizations) to run independent storytelling programs that empower young people to write short scripts inspired by their interests and lived experiences, and bring to life the creative work of young people through the support of those in or reflective of their communities. Program partners will be expected to lead program sessions and recruit and support mentors who help guide students through the script writing process. The toolkit will include, but is not limited to, lesson plans, logistical guidance around program and mentor management, training videos, and student workbooks.

After reviewing YS program materials and discussions with our team, the Program Toolkit Consultant will create logistical materials to help future toolkit partners run their own independent Script to Stage programs. They will work closely with YS Education Director and Curriculum Strategist, who will oversee the refinement of YS lesson plans and creation of toolkit videos. The Program Toolkit Consultant will also be responsible for toolkit design to ensure that it is easily digestible and reflective of the YS brand, mission, and values.


The Program Toolkit Consultant is a two-year temporary contracted position, beginning in September 2022 and ending August 2024. The first year of the contract will be focused on research, collaboration, and construction of the toolkit, with the goal of launching the toolkit with select pilot partners in August 2023. Year two of the contract will focus on learnings, support, and revisions so that the toolkit is ready to be used widely starting August 2024.

The consultant should expect to engage in weekly remote check-ins, as well as collaborative and brainstorming meetings with our team during the toolkit creation process (year one of the contract). During the toolkit pilot process (year two of the contract), the consultant should have the ability to visit toolkit partners in the Los Angeles area in addition to continuing regular check-ins with the YS.

While budget is flexible and negotiable during the hiring process, the range for this consultant is $40,000-$50,000 total. Hours are flexible and will vary depending on the season and current goals of the project, though the consultant can expect to spend approximately 25-30 hours per month dedicated to this project. Remote work is possible, though the consultant will need to have the ability to visit programs in the Los Angeles area during the 2023-2024 school year.

Roles & responsibilities

- Conduct research to help the YS team establish the best toolkit format and contents to represent the Script to Stage program;

- Identify needed changes to YS existing Script to Stage lesson plans to fit toolkit format and function, keeping in mind a diversity of audiences and potential program partners;

- Collaborate with YS program staff to understand and adapt the current full-service model of Script to Stage programming;

- Develop comprehensive program materials for Script to Stage toolkit including, but not limited to, program scheduling, volunteer recruitment and training, and program culmination planning materials;

- Visually design – or manage the visual design – of a finished, comprehensive Script to Stage toolkit that is accessible and aligns with the YS brand;

- Support YS staff in the identification and onboarding of ideal pilot toolkit partners;

- Maintain ongoing communication and support (as needed) to partners as they pilot the use of Script to Stage toolkits during year two of the contract;

- Assist YS in the pilot evaluation and reflection process.



- Prior experience creating comprehensive and full-scale materials to support program logistics, including program guides and handbooks;

- Experience supporting and collaborating with public schools and community partners;

- Strong written and verbal communication skills;

- Excellent organizational skills;

- Proven ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse teams and groups of people;

- A deep belief in the YS mission and values, and a commitment to bringing programs to communities in an equitable way.


-Prior experience with volunteers, including training, management, and communication;

- Prior experience building comprehensive and packaged toolkits within education;

- A background that includes creating and implementing surveys within education;

- Experience working with data, including reviewing, comprehending, and adapting based on data received;

- Experience working within education – especially arts education – is preferred;

- Experience with Google Suite, including Google Data Studio.

To apply

Contract is anticipated to begin September 2022, and we will accept proposals until the position is full. Proposals should be submitted as a single PDF. We ask that proposals include:

- Your resume, CV, and/or portfolio of work;

- A short description of how you would approach working with Young Storytellers as a consultant creating toolkits for diverse communities and in line with our mission and values;

- A brief statement about why this position interests you, and why you are a good fit to take on this impactful work;

- An example of a guide, handbook, toolkit, training document, or similar document that you have created in the course of your career, and a short reflection of this document's impact or how it is similar or different from what you would be creating as the Toolkit Consultant.

To submit your proposal PDF, go to this link and follow the instructions there.

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