Turnaround Arts: California

The mission of Turnaround Arts: California (TACA) is to harness the power of the arts to engage, empower, and transform historically marginalized schools and communities throughout the state.


4 Submitted Ideas

  • LEARN ·2022 Grants Challenge

    Teacher Lesson Labs: Arts Integration

    Turnaround Arts: California partners exclusively with public schools in historically marginalized communities to effect school change through the arts. Our “Lesson Labs” pair teachers with teaching artists to design lessons that align core standards (i.e. math, science) with arts standards, bringing the arts into more classrooms. Lesson Labs train, equip and empower teachers to create arts-rich lessons that engage students and provide multiple entry points to learning.

  • LEARN ·2021 Grants Challenge

    Creating Equity and Access Through the Arts for Students along the LA River

    As an education partner for the comprehensive revitalization plan for communities along the LA River, Turnaround Arts: California will launch partnerships with two schools to support them in boldly re-designing their approach to teaching & learning with the arts at the center. Through professional development, coaching, planning & financial support, we will build the capacity of teachers & principals to leverage the arts to create safe, inclusive, & engaging learning environments where all students have the opportunity to thrive & succeed.

  • LEARN ·2020 Grants Challenge

    Turnaround Arts: CA Los Angeles School Partnerships

    We will support 9 high-need elementary and middle schools in LA County, using the arts to support whole school change. We will act as a thought partner to each school, offering financial, strategic planning, and implementation support to principals and teachers. This includes regularly convening our school and community arts partners for professional development and to exchange best practices. Through the arts, we will empower schools to build equity and lead for change, improve culture and climate, and increase student and family engagement.

  • LEARN ·2019 Grants Challenge
    🎉 Finalist

    Turnaround Arts LA

    Turnaround Arts California (TACA) supports and guides communities in reexamining their approach to improving chronically underperforming schools by using the arts as a core element of intervention. TACA seeks funding for a second year in partnership with two schools: Garfield Elementary in Alhambra, and McKinley Elementary in Compton. We will leverage the arts in these schools to increase teacher capacity, improve school culture and climate, and increase student and family engagement.