Human Resources L.A.

HRLA was a collaborator and grant receiver of Getty Museum for PST festival 2012, We have collaborated with REDCAT Gallery, UC Riverside, CalArts, LAND, Machine Projects on cooperative programs. Human Resources is a team of creative individuals, whose mission is to broaden public engagement with contemporary and conceptual art. Our organization emphasizes underexposed modes of expression and interdisciplinary arts practices that do not fit easily within existing institutionalized structures. Human Resources was identified by the Los Angeles Weekly in 2012 as one of the city's "most dynamic arts venues." We foster active public appreciation of performative, participatory and multi-disciplinary art practices by encouraging maximum community access. Events are free or very low cost. Members of our broad community generate exhibitions, performances and readings - artists who attend our events are encouraged to bring proposals to directing members. Our programming procedures encourage direct conversation with artists, musicians and writers in order to educate our audiences about our mission. These conversations also shape our understanding of the needs of artists working in non-commercial and experimental paradigms. Human Resources serves as an important point of convergence for diverse and sometimes disparate art communities. We offer regular platforms for conversation and idea-sharing in order to promote the sustainability of non-traditional art forms. We nurture the kinds of artistic intelligence produced by working closely with different artistic communities - such as that of experimental music and performance art. We have also collaborated with other art spaces and events, including Pacific Standard Time, Silvershed's Collective show, fundraisers and events for Les Figues Press and Darin Klein's Box of Books, and the Chinatown Perform!Now! Festival. We continue to provide a substantial venue for large events, installations, video screenings, music performance, performance art and hybrid events in the Chinatown area of Los Angeles.


1 Submitted Idea

  • 2013 Grants Challenge

    Human Resources L.A. Artist Residency Program!

    Human Resources L.A. Artist Residency Program would create Los Angeles' first centrally focused artist residency to hosts L.A. based artists and actively work to support their surrounding communities. Although there are several Artist residencies currently in place that support international artist in L.A. there is yet to be a program that serves L.A. locally. By hosting 6 artists in the coming year Human Resources L.A. (HRLA) would act as a frame for a diverse set of vital yet under supported artist practices already occurring in Los Angeles. Each artist would be given studio space, a stipend and be asked to contribute to a public program that engages the city of Los Angeles. The residency would promote exchange between these co-occurring artist practices as well as foster educational and community impact; contextualizing the work in a non-commercial environment in order to bring global attention to the city of Los Angels as an international arena for culture and the arts. Our goal in supporting our residents would be to create an exceptional environment in which to further personal practices while engaging them in HRLA’s existing community and beyond. Community outreach will be activated by facilitating exhibition, performance, publication and symposium inside our existing Chinatown gallery space and institutional frame as well as activating our partners – including major institutions, galleries and fellow artist-run spaces. Part of our effort would be to extend geographical bridges between the artist communities established on the west side of L.A. in the last 25 years – Santa Monica, Venice beach, Culver City – and the new migrations east – Chinatown artist run space already in close collaboration with HRLA including K-Chung Radio, Ooga Booga, Machine Projects in Echo Park, Night Gallery.