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BOSS, Inc.

To help Black, Latino and economically disadvantaged boys develop the character, discipline, habits, mindset and skills to pursue success notwithstanding the inequities in education and in society laid bare by the COVID pandemic.


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  • LEARN ·2023 Grants Challenge

    Closing the Math Gap to Promote Success in STEM Careers

    If the U.S. is to continue to lead the world in pioneering the technologies, industries, and jobs of the future, it must increase number of BIPOC youth pursuing STEM. Math competency is essential for success in STEM, and 80% of Black, Latino and economically disadvantaged students (Target Students) don't meet math standards. Leveraging strategies that have produced 5 years of near across the board outperform by Target Students, we'll increase the number with the interest, confidence, background and foundational math skills to pursue STEM.