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3 months ago
Employment type
Temporary Consultant
Los Angeles

Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles (SEE-LA) is a leading Southern California nonprofit organization, connecting people to healthy food, promoting economic development, and building sustainable food systems. We operate the largest network of mission-driven farmers’ markets in Los Angeles as well as programs that provide nutrition education, food access, and opportunities for small regional farms and local food businesses to thrive.

Background Specialty Crop Nutrition Education and Promotion Program
SEE-LA has contracted with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) to provide the Specialty Crop Nutrition Education and Promotion Program (SCNEPP) from November 1, 2020, through October 31, 2022. SCNEPP is a new program within SEE-LA's Pompea Smith Good Cooking/Buena Cocina Nutrition Education Department. The program uniquely integrates specialty crop promotion and marketing strategies across SEE-LA's six farmers' markets, which feature 86 specialty crop producers serving 13,000 Angelenos weekly. SCNEPP's program activities include, but are not limited to, executing quarterly farmers’ market Peak of Season Festival events, delivering bilingual nutrition education classes to adults and kids’ culinary classes for children, conducting in-market, virtual and social media-based food demonstrations, implementing a social media campaign promoting specialty crops, specialty crop producers, Peak of Season Festival events, and generating and distributing monthly promotional newsletters.

SCNEPP Peak of Season Festivals include quarterly seasonal specialty crop marketing events at each of SEE- LA’s current five farmers’ markets with interactive learning, taste tests, and market-wide promotion of specialty crop producers. SEE-LA’s five farmers’ markets include the Hollywood, Crenshaw, Atwater Village, Central Avenue and Echo Park Farmers’ Markets. More information and locations for each market can be found at

Specialty crops are "fruits and vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits, horticulture, and nursery crops (including floriculture)" cultivated commercially for use as food, medicine, or aesthetic gratification. SEE-LA's SCNEPP highlights one specialty crop per quarterly Peak of Season Festival – these crops include berries, leafy greens, stone fruits, tomatoes, and brassicas.

Position Overview
SEE-LA is seeking an Event and PR Coordinator to expand the awareness and success of the remaining three Peak of Season festivals through October 31, 2022. The Event and PR Coordinator will support the SCNEPP Manager in coordination with SEE-LA Market Managers to invite strategic partners to participate in the Peak of Season festivals such as local chef’s, notable recipe book authors, and complimentary educational agricultural and culinary CBO’s. Additionally, the Event and PR Coordinator will support increased awareness of access to specialty crops and growers through local farmers’ markets via radio and print ads.

The SCNEPP program aims to achieve specific objectives with the support of the Event and PR Coordinators efforts which include the following:

Program Outcome measures:
Outcome 1: Enhance the competitiveness of specialty crops through increased sales resulting in 8% increase as a result of marketing and/ or promotional activities.
Outcome 2: Enhance the competitiveness of specialty crops through increased consumption. Whereby market patrons report increased knowledge and consumption of specialty crops.
Outcome 3: Enhance the competitiveness of specialty crops through increased access and awareness through the Peak of Season festivals expressed by market patron increased knowledge of how to access, produce, prepare and/ or preserve specialty crops.
Meetings to discuss program activities to date will be required and can be conducted over telephone/ virtually to facilitate discussion and coordination of SEE- LA needs of contractor to the grant.

Scope of Work and Deliverables

  1. Enhance visibility and participation in SCNEPP Peak of Season Festivals through PR efforts.
  2. Coordinate SCNEPP Peak of Season Festivals in collaboration with SCNEPP’s Program Manager and SEE-LA’s Market Managers across five farmers’ markets quarterly.
  3. Secure strategic partner participation in each SCNEPP Peak of Season Festival to enhance the promotion of specialty crops.
  4. Support in the development of program summary reports and feedback to Program Manager for the development of a best practices guide for farmers’ market promotions.
  5. Consult with SEE-LA Program Director and Program Manager to adjust, refine and make modifications to SEE-LA’s program PR and event strategy as needed.
  6. May be asked to conduct related activities upon the request of the Program Director, time and budget permitting.

Effective upon contract execution through October 31, 2022.

A maximum contract allowance of $13,500 over the grant period, payment will be provided via reimbursement for services monthly with an itemized invoice.

Per CDFA funding requirements, the contractor’s hourly rate cannot exceed GS15 Step 10 ($70.56/hr); however if a rate higher than this is requested, please send justification such as standard market rate for similar positions.

In addition to the $13,500, the contractor will be provided the following: Travel expenses related to mileage incurred up to $734
Print/ Radio Marketing budget: $8,500 Social Media Marketing budget: $1,000

To apply

Criteria for Selection (Please submit all to be considered)
Resume or CV, if applying as a firm or group, please provide a resume or CV for each person
Examples of similar projects demonstrating knowledge/experience data analysis and report writing
Client reference letters (3)
Hourly Fee rate

Format and Proposed Timeline
Submit via PDF or MS word

Please submit all inquiries and applications to Cara Elio, Director of Nutrition Programs via email below by 2/21/22 for consideration. Tentative onboarding of final candidate by 3/1/2022.

Principle Point of Contact
Cara Elio, RD, MPH
Director of Nutrition Programs E-mail:

SEE-LA makes hiring decisions without regard to gender, race, color, religion, gender, gender orientation, identity, or expression, national origin, age, veteran status, disability, or any other protected class and is committed to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce and strongly encourages applications from groups that have been historically underrepresented.