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Vice President, School Leadership Development

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Alliance College-Ready Public Schools was founded in 2004 based on the belief that all young people––regardless of ZIP code, income, ability, or background–– are capable of achieving at high levels. Alliance is now one of the largest and most successful public charter school networks in the nation, operating 26 high-performing middle and high schools serving 13,000 scholars in Los Angeles communities that have been systematically oppressed. In our 16th school year, Alliance has a proven record of success: though 93% of incoming sixth graders come to Alliance reading below grade level, 95% of Alliance graduates have been accepted to college—including 73% to a four-year university. We strive to truly change the life trajectories of our scholars and communities. Now is the time to join our collaborative community to make long-lasting change across Los Angeles.

What You’ll Do

The Vice President, School Leadership Development (VPSLD) will work closely with the President, Chief Instructional Officer, and other Vice Presidents to lead all facets of school leader development and facilitation of career pathways for aspiring leaders. As the VPSLD, you will collaboratively design implementation strategies for school leadership development that will grow and keep high-performing leaders. A key aspect of your work will be using data to inform support for individual school needs. You possess a deep understanding of the critical role that all staff plays in supporting scholar success and bring evidence of effective leadership and coaching of other educators to increase scholar achievement in an urban school system. You’ll ensure the Principal, Aspiring Principal, Assistant Principal, and Teacher Leaders’ development programs are rooted in research and relevance. As the VPSLD, you’ll support school leaders across the network in improving and enhancing Teaching & Learning, Wellness & Belonging, and our Commitment to Anti-Racism through multiple tiers of professional development experiences. You’ll collaborate with colleagues, both at school sites and at the Home Office, to ensure substantial leader development occurs in accordance with the Alliance Leadership Framework.

What You’ll Own

Collaborative Creation of Vision, Goals, & Strategy for School Leader Development

  • Contribute to the leader development strategy of the School Leader Development (SLD) Team
  • Observe school leaders in the in their respective settings to deepen understanding of leaders’ individual and collective skills, strengths, and development needs
  • Capture, share, and analyze school leader, teacher, and scholar data trends to assess school leader needs and to design responsive support and development systems
  • Collaborate with colleagues on and beyond the team in creating and executing a coherent and relevant professional development approach for leaders across the leadership pipeline
  • Provide comprehensive support across academic departments in reviewing, developing, and implementing innovative and adaptive leadership development systems and programs that are responsive to students cultural, emotional and academic needs

Design and Delivery of Tiered Leadership Development Programs

  • Collaborate with cross-functional team on the vision for leader professional development and implement the vision through monthly professional development sessions and job-embedded learning for Alliance school leaders and aspiring leaders in other capacities
  • Facilitate high quality professional learning for multiple stakeholder groups to promote cultural proficiency and competency in an effort to amplify Alliance’s climate of equity and inclusion
  • Design and lead ongoing professional development sessions for all levels of school leaders to address system-wide development needs according to the Alliance Leadership Framework
  • Design and lead annual intersessions to evaluate the progress of participants in leadership pipelines; support creating and updating individualized Leadership Development Plans (LDPs)
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with other Home Office teams to design and facilitate content-specific professional development sessions that also advance specific leadership skills

Effective Team Management & Organizational Leadership

  • Provide comprehensive coaching support and supervision to the Director and Manager of School Leadership Development to ensure coherence and quality in pipeline development, starting with Teacher Leaders
  • Plan and facilitate weekly team meetings to monitor progress on essential work in a collaborative effort to realize SLD vision, goals and strategy
  • Cultivate organization-wide expertise to eliminate achievement and equity gaps for scholars, and develop proactive ways of fostering equitable learning environments through purposeful leadership
  • Deliver reports to Alliance’s board and other internal/external stakeholders on the School Leadership Development team’s progress related to key projects.
  • Organize, oversee and execute an annual strategic planning process to include robust stakeholder engagement, analysis of needs and recommended changes, related guiding documents, and ongoing progress updates

What You’ll Need to be Successful 

Extraordinary Communication

  • Connecting purposefully, intentionally, and masterfully with others in various ways is clearly a strength in your repertoire of skills as an equity-minded education leader. You express yourself with clarity, respect, and awareness in conversations and interactions with others.
  • You are committed to transparency and authenticity in your communication with stakeholders at every level. You invite, include, and engage others in the spirit of equity and empowerment.
  • You live to engage with diverse staff, leadership, and constituents to promote trust, collaboration, and partnerships, both internal and external to the organization. You are courageous and successful at challenging and influencing peers to approach all work through the lens of equity.
  • You demonstrate a fierce commitment to Alliance’s core beliefs and educational philosophy.

Champion of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

  • You contribute with intention and purpose to organizational relationships by challenging assumptions, understanding alternative perspectives and beliefs, addressing inequities, and employing a variety of strategies to develop trust across the organization.
  • You foster, promote, and drive inclusion across the Alliance organization. Your commitment to the richly diverse families and communities you serve is reflected in the representation of your staff, as well as in your dedication to creating conditions for every Alliance scholar to thrive in academically rigorous and engaging environments.
  • In every interaction, you model the ability to lead effectively and inclusively in a multi-layered organization. You are unwaveringly committed to building strong relationships with teachers, coaches, school leaders and other Home Office and school-based colleagues.

Fearless Resilience & Growth Mindset

  • Your experience has equipped you with a willingness to speak your philosophical truth and share your organizational beliefs without hesitation. Your commitment to the vision and mission of the organization lives in your interactions in schools and in the Alliance community.
  • You are willing and able to run into the storm of difficult conversations and necessary conflict with the genuine belief that it is in this essential crucible that change happens and progress is made. Your leadership enriches relationships and builds trust through transparency.
  • Ambiguity does not scare you in the least. Based on the needs of the students and families Alliance serves, you embrace opportunities to create clarity in vision and make action your mission. You thrive in the opportunity to build leadership capacity in those you support.

Visionary Change Leadership & Strategic Implementation

  • You maintain a laser focus on data-driven results through your relentless pursuit of improvements in school leadership, instruction, and operations; you are driven by desire to produce quantifiable scholar achievement gains through purposeful development of leaders.
  • Your proven track record of developing systems-level vision and strategy has allowed you to lead with measurable success the implementation of a vision to transform scholar outcomes.
  • Your adaptability allows you to excel in constantly changing environments and adapts flexibly in shifting projects or priorities to meet the needs of a dynamic transformation effort.

Your propensity to lead innovative practice, engage in entrepreneurial thinking, and launch organizational design efforts is evident in everything you do. You thrive in leading organizational effectiveness; initiating, sponsoring, and implementing organizational change; and supporting those around you to support and advocate for Alliance’s vision and mission.

Guardian of Trust

  • As a leader, your words and actions are consistent. You demonstrate trust and respect for others no matter what. You refuse to respond to external pressure in a way that is in conflict with your ethics. You understand deeply that trust must be earned.
  • You possess an understanding and awareness of the impact of trauma and behavioral health on student learning outcomes. You strive to create conditions for every Alliance student to access necessary support, and to thrive emotionally, socially, and academically in a consistently inclusive environment.
  • You keep confidences, accept responsibility, maintain transparency, and lead by example. As the VPSLD, your constant and consistent embodiment of this value means more to you than anything. Integrity and trust comprise the fulcrum upon which your success balances.


  • At least 5 years of progressive professional work experience in a related field, including at least (3) years of school leadership experience
  • A Bachelor’s Degree or higher from an accredited college or university
  • Proficient use of Microsoft Office and Google-based applications


This position will work virtually in the greater Los Angeles area, with travel to school sites once public health conditions allow. The successful candidate will be given a $400 work from home set-up allowance and receive a monthly stipend of $100.


In alignment with our commitment to equity for our scholars, Alliance is committed to equity and transparency for our team and offers competitive salaries commensurate with experience and education, as well as an annual retirement allowance equal to 7.5% of estimated annualized wages and a comprehensive group health benefits package, including medical, dental and vision. This position is exempt. The compensation range for this position is $122,000 - $160,000.