Door of Hope

Licensed Therapist (Spanish speaking)

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27 days ago
Los Angeles

Are you interested in making a difference in the lives of families facing homelessness? Door of Hope, a Christian nonprofit that empowers families facing homelessness to transform their lives, is hiring a Therapist to provide therapy in both English and Spanish to families. At the core of the Therapist’s responsibilities is providing high quality individuals, couples, childrens, and occasional family counseling. The Therapist creates a safe therapeutic environment where residents can process their experiences, increase self-awareness and make positive changes. 

Primary Responsibilities 

  • Conduct weekly individual sessions with adult residents for issues related to trauma, domestic violence, depression, and anxiety, in addition to couple’s therapy 
  • Conduct resident support groups dealing with focused topics (ex. anger management, parenting, etc.) 
  • Attend weekly case conferencing to learn about resident’s progress and provide input into program   development 
  • Take notes and keep confidential files on each resident and family session held 
  • Discuss and work with each resident on Treatment Goals and Plans; conduct quarterly review of  goals 
  • Conduct quarterly data surveys with each residents as needed/required by grants and donors
  • Submit monthly reports to Program Manager 
  • Conduct follow-up sessions with graduates of the program for one year after graduating



  • LMFT or LCSW required 
  • Minimum 2 years experience in a clinical setting 
  • Bilingual Spanish speaking 
  • Must be available to schedule sessions around residents’ work schedules (primarily evenings) 
  • In addition to one-on-one counseling, must be willing and able to work with children and families 
  • Preferred prior experience working with victims of domestic violence


Character (Do you embody Door of Hope’s four core values?)

  • Christ-centered, expressed through:
    • Faith: We have an active and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 
    • Calling: Out of a sense of calling, we go above and beyond to meet our mission.
    • Character: We demonstrate the character of Christ toward colleagues and families.
  • Empowering, expressed through:
    • Trust: We trust one another, believe in one another, and give each other the freedom to take risks. (Mistakes are learning opportunities.)
      • Accountability: We nurture God-given strengths through coaching and accountability.
  • Holistic, expressed through:
    • Whole Person:  Our emotional, spiritual and personal well-being matter to one another.
    • Whole Organization: We are on one team with one mission. (We don’t do silos.)
  • Relationship, expressed through:
    • Family: We love, celebrate, and pray with one another.
    • Reconciliation: We manage conflict, practice vulnerability, and pursue diversity with honesty and grace.
To apply

To apply, send your resume and brief cover letter to [email protected] In your cover letter, please explain 1) your understanding of Door of Hope’s mission and faith-based nature and 2) why you are the perfect fit for this opening.