Door of Hope

In-Kind & Facilties Assistant

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11 days ago
Los Angeles

Door of Hope is a Christian, faith-based nonprofit that equips families facing homelessness to rebuild their lives. The In-Kind & Facilities Assistant (IKFA) supports this mission by coordinating in-kind donations and assisting in facilities maintenance and repairs.

The IKFA must have an interest in facility upkeep and repair. A solid foundation of general facilities maintenance is a must, but Door of Hope can offer more training in specific plumbing, electrical, carpentry and preventative maintenance. This individual should be patient, independent, hard-working, and have the ability to think quickly during times of high stress. At times, the job of the IKFA is not glamorous and behind-the-scenes, but be assured that you are providing an extremely valuable service and the impact of this position is immense.


  • Full-time, 30 hours/week
  • Flexible working schedule to accommodate 3-5 Saturdays per year for special projects and events
  • Must be available during normal business hours



  • Perform maintenance/repairs as needed under the direction of the In-Kind & Facilities Manager
  • Identify and correct maintenance, safety, and security issues
  • Assist in tracking, organizing, and dispersing donations received by Door of Hope
  • Coordinate pick-up or drop-off of donations at DoH facilities
  • Assist graduates in moving into their new homes
  • Communicate with appropriate staff on supplying their needs
  • Perform any other task necessary to support the mission of Door of Hope



  • Current driver’s license with good driving record and auto insurance
  • Must be in good physical condition and able to lift extremely heavy items
  • Facility maintenance experience and/or knowledge of construction is a plus
  • Strong relational and communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and as a part of a team


Character (Do you embody Door of Hope’s four core values?)

  • Christ-centered, expressed through:
    • Faith: We have an active and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 
    • Calling: Out of a sense of calling, we go above and beyond to meet our mission.
    • Character: We demonstrate the character of Christ toward colleagues and families.
  • Empowering, expressed through:
    • Trust: We trust one another, believe in one another, and give each other the freedom to take risks. (Mistakes are learning opportunities.)
    • Accountability: We nurture God-given strengths through coaching and accountability.
  • Holistic, expressed through:
    • Whole Person:  Our emotional, spiritual and personal well-being matter to one another.
    • Whole Organization: We are on one team with one mission. (We don’t do silos.)
  • Relationship, expressed through:
    • Family: We love, celebrate, and pray with one another.
    • Reconciliation: We manage conflict, practice vulnerability, and pursue diversity with honesty and grace.
To apply

To apply, send your resume to [email protected] In your email, please explain 1) your understanding of Door of Hope’s mission and faith-based nature and 2) why you are the perfect fit for this opening.