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Alumni Engagement Manager

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24 days ago
Los Angeles

Over its first 28 years of operation, APCH has touched the lives of thousands of young people, and some have stayed in touch, but most have not. The APCH Alumni Program is being launched with the intention of keeping APCH members engaged with the agency and our community once they’ve aged out of the program. In addition, the Alumni Program intends to cultivate ongoing relationships with past and future  alumni, so as they make their way into the world, develop professions and find opportunities to make a positive difference, they will include APCH and participate in a culture of reciprocity. Alumni will be welcome to assist the agency in fulfilling its mission and making an impact on the South LA community as well as wherever alumni have established their lives. The program will also serve to facilitate meaningful shared experiences among our former members, while strengthening the APCH community.

The Alumni Engagement Manager is responsible for the implementation of all strategic goals and bringing direction and momentum in the establishment of this new program. The Alumni Engagement Manager will build a robust outreach network and develop and grow alumni membership to foster, coordinate, promote, maintain and evaluate all initiatives produced by the alumni program. This person is a visionary who brings a sense of excitement and resourcefulness to their work, while taking creative initiative to execute their plans and ideas. While employing an open style of communication and collaboration, the ideal candidate will have an entrepreneurial self-starter attitude and strong relationship skills to build and maintain high quality, long term relationships with former members and other stakeholders in the community. The Alumni Engagement Manager will represent A Place Called Home in the community and serve as an ambassador for the agency.

Under the direction of the Membership & Parent Services Sr. Manager, the Alumni Manager will be the primary liaison with former members as well as current members who are aging out, to cultivate partnerships and create programs which align with ACPH’s overall strategy.

  • Bachelor of Arts or equivalent experience 
  • 3-5 years of related experience
  • Proven experience in alumni relations and knowledge of best practices for conducting alumni programs
  • Proven experience in planning and executing projects, events, and programs
  • Knowledge of how to leverage social media to reach a wide audience
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