SEE-LA Specialty Crop Nutrition Education and Promotion Program Bid Request for Video Production

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Founded in 1996, Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles (SEE-LA) is a leading Southern California nonprofit organization, connecting people to healthy food, promoting economic development, and building sustainable food systems. We operate the largest network of mission-driven farmers’ markets in Los Angeles as well as programs that provide nutrition education, food access, and opportunities for small regional farms and local food businesses to thrive.

Specialty Crop Nutrition Education and Promotion Program
SEE-LA has contracted with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) to provide the Specialty Crop Nutrition Education and Promotion Program (SCNEPP). SCNEPP is a new program within SEE-LA’s highly acclaimed Pompea Smith Good Cooking/Buena Cocina Nutrition Education Department. SCNEPP uniquely integrates specialty crop promotion and marketing strategies across SEE-LA’s six farmers’ markets, which feature 86 specialty crop producers serving 13,000 Angelenos weekly. SCNEPP’s program activities include, but are not limited to, executing seasonal farmers market events, delivering nutrition education classes to adults and children, posting videos of food demonstrations and posts promoting specialty crop consumption on social media, generating and distributing monthly newsletters. In launching SCNEPP, SEE-LA seeks to develop a series of sixteen nutrition education videos which will be distributed during SCNEPP’s Peak of Season events and on SEE-LA’s social media platforms.

Project Bid Overview Specialty Crop Nutrition Education and Promotion Program
Funding for the project is through the California Department of Food and Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant. Video development will be overseen by SEE-LA’s Director of Nutrition Programs and Program Manager of Specialty Crop Nutrition Education and Promotion Program to ensure that adherence to funding guidelines is achieved. This includes content review and assurance that all expenditures within the bid and subsequent invoices are project related, reasonable and allowable.

The videos will be distributed during Peak of Season festivals – a seasonal farmers market event - and posted on SEE- LA social media platforms.

Project Goals & Target Audience
The project will include filming and editing a total of sixteen videos highlighting four Specialty Crop groups - Berries, Stone fruit, Tomatoes, and Brassicas (additional four videos in Spanish for Video 3: Recipe Demonstration). The video objectives aim to achieve (a) increase knowledge of California-grown produce, (b) increase consumption of produce (c) educate on preparation of produce and (d) where to buy this produce.

For each specialty crop group there will be a set of three videos described below:

Video 1: Overview of the specialty crop group. (4 total videos)

  • One-minute highlighting the featured specialty crop’s specifics i.e. varieties, growing season, farmers and storage. To incorporate promotion of access of specialty crop via farmers’ markets. Video to use motion graphics/voiceover. Video to be filmed at SEE-LA farmers’ markets.
  • Formatted for IG/ Facebook
  • Language: Illustrative text and vocal captioning Bilingual English and Spanish


Video 2: Demonstration of at least three preparation techniques of specialty crops. (4 total videos)

  • One-minute video demonstrating how to prepare the specialty crop in at least three different ways. Video to feature overhead pans-and-hands visuals and sped-up sections. Video to be filmed with SEE-LA staff at SEE-LA office space or leased kitchen space, if secured.
  • Formatted for IG/ Facebook
  • Language: Text Bilingual English and Spanish


Video 3: Recipe Demonstration (8 total videos)

  • One-three minute video demonstrating how to prepare one recipe featuring the specialty crop. Video to incorporate one to two nutrition facts about featured specialty crop. Video to be filmed with SEE-LA staff at SEE-LA office space or leased kitchen space, if secured.
  • Formatted for IG/ Facebook and YouTube
  • Language for each video set: Mono English for one video/ Mono Spanish for one video


Target audience is SEE-LA’s farmers’ market patrons, local food enthusiasts, the home cook.

Scope of Services & Expected Deliverables

  • Video developer to meet virtually with SEE-LA staff to discuss video objectives, design, graphics, music, layout, pre-written storyboards, recipes and other necessary planning items.
  • Video developer to meet virtually with SEE-LA staff in advance of film days, to discuss finalized shot lists.
  • Filming days: Pre-planning to minimize total filming days. Estimated 2-3 days filming at SEE-LA farmers’ markets for Video 1. Estimated 3-4 days filming for Video 2 and Video 3. allocated to complete two recipes and six preparation techniques. SEE-LA office located in 1125 W. 6th St., Los Angeles, CA, 90017. Surfaces, cookware, recipe/produceitems, props provided.
  • Editing process to work with footage, create and integrate graphics, use provided nutrition notes, and voiceovers. Music to be determined.
  • At least two rounds of revisions to be included between SEE-LA staff and editor. Please refer to timeline to ensure adequate time for editing revisions.
  • Finalized videos delivered on time, in correct format digitally.


Style References 
Embodies the diversity of food culture of Los Angeles and brand style of PSBuenaCocina Nutrition videos – light and bright, see: SEE-LA produced YouTube videos and s ocial media video’s via IG @PSBuenaCocina

Project Timeline*
Deadline for proposals / September 20, 2021
Proposal review and question period / September 20 - September 27, 2021
Agency selected & everyone notified / October 1, 2021
Contract agreement secured / October 8, 2021
Project Kickoff / October 11, 2021
Deadline for all deliverables / December 10, 2021

Project Budget*
Please submit the following by the deadline for consideration:

  • Brief description of applicant(s) background and why your agency/team is the right fit for this project
  • Resume/CV for each team member included in project budget
  • Relevant portfolio work - send links
  • Production plan and timeline
  • Client revision process
  • Please include preferred method of communication and sharing materials
  • Total Budget Proposed to complete project with detailed budget breakdown
  • Please include the breakdown of costs per parts of the deliverable process (expected onsite film days, editing and revisions, etc.)
  • Please include purchases for storage/ HD, equipment rentals, music licensing, and travel. Please note SEE-LA does not comp meals.
  • References from two previous projects


Proposal Process and Next Steps
Request is being widely circulated through Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Students are welcome to apply with portfolios and testimonials.

Questions may be addressed to Erica D. Lee, Program Manager at [email protected] until September 19, 2021 at noon. Inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.

Please submit bids by September 20, 2021 including budget and all proposal requirements and references. Incomplete bids will not be considered.

To apply

Erica D. Lee Program Manager, Specialty Crop Nutrition Education and Promotion Program at [email protected] and Cara Elio, Director of Nutrition Programs at [email protected]