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Coordinator, Conflict Resolution Education Programs

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22 days ago
Los Angeles

Job Title: Coordinator, Conflict Resolution Education Programs
Reports to: Shaune Gatlin, Conflict Resolution Education Programs Director
Employment Status: Full-time, Non-Exempt

Western Justice Center (WJC) empowers people to strengthen their communities by growing the conflict resolution skills and capacity of youth, educators, schools and community partners. We aim to build a healthy democracy by equipping the next generation with tools to confront, embrace the complexities of, and resolve conflicts. Our work inspires young people to become conflict-adept leaders who can shift the culture and climate in their schools and communities. We offer an antidote to the politics of division gripping our nation. (See Strategic Plan.)

WJC envisions a world in which communities are healed, united, and transformed through conflict resolution education and restorative practices rooted in equity, justice, and opportunity. Working with a wide range of partners, WJC fosters a community where creative minds can partner and invest in, test, evaluate and replicate new approaches to violence prevention, conflict resolution and intergroup relations. Our Core Values are Empathy, Empowerment, Equity, Inclusion and Impact. 

WJC was founded in 1987 by a group of visionary judges and lawyers led by the Honorable Dorothy W. Nelson, judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, to meet a need, particularly in the Western United States, for quality research into dispute resolution methods and strategies for improving the administration of justice. WJC has led communal efforts to prevent violence, resolve conflict and improve intergroup relations including through training, consultation, community engagement and research around community-police relations, early childhood education, gang violence, hate crimes, implicit bias and bullying.

WJC is looking for someone with a spirit of playful curiosity, an instinct for innovation, a commitment to excellence, and a history of work in movements to advance equity and justice for structurally disadvantaged communities to join our team. We have a friendly and relaxed, business professional workspace where our team members invest in each other, professionally and personally. We value empathy, civility, empowerment, diversity, inclusivity and creative collaboration. Because we aim to build a world that embraces difference as strength, WJC strongly encourages and welcomes applications from members of the BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+ communities, as well as people from working class backgrounds, religious minorities and people with disabilities. 

WJC is growing our Conflict Resolution Education (CRE) Program team, respected for excellence in curriculum design, community partnership and empowerment of students and educators. We use CRE as an umbrella term that includes a range of skills and tools, including student-led peer mediation programs, community-building circles and other restorative justice (RJ)  practices. We pursue our work as a form of critical prevention and intervention as part of a larger movement to disrupt and dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline. 

Our current objective is to train and mobilize 1,000 youth and educators through the equitable expansion of access to CRE by focusing on: (1) schools where the prevalence of multi-generational poverty and structural inequities lead to higher levels of trauma, and familial and/or communal dysfunction; and (2) schools where a mix of students from a diverse set of backgrounds (socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, and abilities) frequently leads to increased conflict. Through scaling and cross-pollination, these school types represent socio-economically, racially, and ethnically diverse communities in our region that have the power to make transformative systemic change. 

Our CRE programs include: 

  • Mediation Boot Camp, CRE training for student peer mediators with an interactive arts component that is designed to deepen socio-emotional learning, help students reconnect with their peers and advance healing-centered restorative culture at their school
  • Peer Mediation Invitational (PMI), a regional peacebuilders summit where youth and adults involved in CRE work at their schools meet and learn from one another
  • ABCs of Conflict, a year-long program for educators and youth development professionals that trains and supports them in using CRE practices, including as tools to address systemic bias;
  • WJC Partner Schools, an in-depth partnership for schools committed to decreasing their reliance on punitive discipline, adding integrated restorative practices, reducing their use of school resource officers (SROs aka campus police) and participating in data-driven research on the benefits of CRE. 


WJC is looking for a person who is values and mission-driven, adaptive, self-directed, detail-oriented and passionate about empowering youth. The Program Coordinator plays a critical role in the successful implementation of our programs. Reporting to the CRE Programs Director, the Coordinator is responsible for designing and producing WJC’s annual Peer Mediation Invitational, as well as supporting and participating in Mediation Boot Camp and ABCs of Conflict in a range of WJC Partner Schools throughout Los Angeles County. 

The ideal candidate has a working knowledge of peer and/or community mediation, restorative justice and/or council practices, intersectional analysis of systemic inequity, youth behavioral development and event production. We also welcome candidates who have participated in community organizing and other empowerment work. 

This is a full-time, non-exempt hourly position that will include occasional work on evenings and weekends. WJC uses a hybrid work model that mixes virtual and in-person office time, which we may include long term. We are a mandated vaccination employer. 


Youth Empowerment Program Planning and Delivery (65%)

  • Design PMI, working with the CRE team, peer mediation leaders from WJC Partner Schools, the WJC Program Advisory Council and other volunteers, to ensure a creative, collaborative learning environment for youth and educators in alignment with our annual theme -- Getting Into Good Trouble -- inspired by the late Congressman John Lewis. 
  • Coordinate PMI event production, including scheduling, speakers, transportation, food, materials, policies & procedures, forms, post-event evaluation and follow-up, inputting of survey data (collection, input, reports, analysis), and other PMI-related activities, such as drafting grant reports.
  • Ensure that information about PMI’s purpose, goals, benefits, procedures and outcomes is communicated to a variety of audiences, including administrators, educators, counselors, peer mediators, disputants, parents and other stakeholders.
  • Recruit schools from the Greater LA Metropolitan Area to participate in PMI. And, recruit and support the training of judges, attorneys & mediators to serve as Mediation Mentors at PMI. 
  • Collaborate with community partners and facilitate relationship building with new partners in order to develop a rich tapestry of inter-connection at the local and regional level, including partners in education, law and mediation/arbitration, public policy, government, academia and philanthropy.
  • Work with the CRE Program Team to improve, evaluate and evolve PMI, including exploration of ways to increase interest in peer mediation among students and to more regularly engage WJC partners in the legal/mediation community and engage and collaborate with community-based organizations.


Support and Participate in WJC CRE Training Programs (30%)

  • Coordinate and provide logistics support for Mediation Boot Camp, including scheduling, transportation, food, volunteers recruitment and training, pre- and post- program surveys, and other duties as assigned, including serving as part of the training and facilitation team. 
  • Coordinate and provide logistics support for ABCs of Conflict main training events and follow-up professional development sessions, including scheduling of guest speakers, food, pre- and post-program survey distribution and data management and other duties as assigned, including serving as part of the training and facilitation team. 


Organizational Responsibilities (5%)

  • Contribute to the building and sustainability of WJC cultural norms and core values
  • Serve as a thought partner for organizational level strategic development
  • Manage assigned duties within approved budget guidelines
  • Support WJC efforts in grant writing, marketing, communications and public relations



  • BA degree in a related field, such as dispute resolution, child development, psychology, sociology, racial justice, criminal justice, marketing and communications, gender and/or ethnic studies, social work, political science
  • 2+ years of academic or professional experience in event planning and production 
  • 2+ years of experience working with and/or supervising youth
  • 2+ years work and/or volunteer experience, including training and facilitation, in areas related to conflict resolution, peer mediation, community mediation, gang intervention and/or restorative justice practices
  • Proven ability to be collaborative, innovative and team-oriented and to be self-directed and excel in a fast paced, dynamic environment
  • Maintains a high level of detail orientation and organization and has strong oral presentation and writing skills
  • Establishes and cultivates respectful relationships with people from diverse backgrounds; holds self-accountable, sets high expectations for self and others, works both independently and collaboratively and relates tasks to organizational values
  • Conveys thoughts and ideas clearly, listens well, communicates in a solution-oriented manner and incorporates others’ views into work



  • Bilingual in English and Spanish 
  • Academic training and/or professional experience in social/emotional learning (SEL), transformative mediation, restorative justice and/or trauma-informed care (TIC)
  • Experience working in a non-profit setting and particularly in movements to advance justice and equity in structurally disadvantaged communities
  • Lived experience and/or personal background that reflects, connects with and/or relates to the communities we serve.
  • Experience engaging youth effectively through social media and/or new media (pods)


This position is full time, non exempt. Salary range is $47,000 - $57,000. Compensation will be based on experience and talent. Benefits include medical, dental and life covered 100% WJC. Buy-up options for vision and dependents. Generous paid time off accruals. 

To apply

Please email your resume and responses to the questions below with the subject line “CRE Program Coordinator” to CRE Program Director Shaune Gatlin, at [email protected] Cover letters are not required. Applications submitted by September 19, 2021 by 11:59 pm (Pacific) will be prioritized. Please submit your information following this process and do not email, call or otherwise make direct inquiries. Thank you in advance for your interest. 

WJC is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome people of all races, ethnicities, genders and gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, national origins, abilities, ages and other diverse qualities. 
In no more than 200 words per question, please share your responses to the following:
1. WJC is looking for future team members who are excited about joining us in our journey at the intersection of mediation, educational equity, racial justice and systemic change. 
- Why is this position the right one for you now and how do you connect with our journey?
2. For us, the path to educational equity and justice is a constantly changing one, perhaps now more than ever. We value the ability to pivot, remain flexible, keep an open mind, stay creative and embrace the process of “building the plane while we fly it.”
- What unique talent, experience or insights would you bring to our highly collaborative work environment?
3. Working in a nonprofit offers the chance to address the most potent and urgent social justice issues of our day, including those that affect us personally. WJC’s pursuit of our mission often involves periods of intensive work to reach our goals. 
- How do you take care of yourself and set healthy boundaries?
4. Conflict resolution is central to WJC’s existence. We approach conflict as a healthy and natural part of human dynamics that provides us with a chance to learn and grow. 
- How do you navigate conflict at work and, in terms of dealing with conflict, where do you have room to grow?
5. WJC has something we call “Lunch & Learn” where everyone on the team gets to take turns leading an activity or topic discussion. We’ve gone on virtual art exhibit tours, had guest speakers, played interactive games, gone for nature walks, reflected on major events and delved into Black History Month, Cesar Chavez Day and Pride. 
- It is your turn to lead “Lunch & Learn.” What activity or topic would you choose and why?