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Fitness Instructor

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22 days ago
Los Angeles

A Place Called Home is a dynamic, non-profit youth and community center in South Central Los Angeles. APCH provides educational programs, counseling, mentoring, music, dance and art classes, fitness and health and wellness opportunities. As youth participate in our programs, they discover interests and talents and develop a better sense of themselves and their place in the world around them. Our goal is to increase the likelihood that youth will stay in school, pursue higher education, attain viable jobs, and become active community members capable of making positive change in the world in which they live.


The Fitness Instructor will provide programming for our Elementary and Middle School members twice (2) times a week. Other duties include providing practical instruction, and ensuring that students learn and operate within a safe, supportive environment.

The Fitness Instructor is someone who will teach our members a variety of strength and conditioning exercises, teach youth about a deep respect for oneself and others, ensure that lessons remain fun and engaging, and develop students' confidence in their abilities. Ultimately, enjoys teaching youth, has an upbeat personality and can manage the space while inspiring participants.

  • Assist students in developing and improving their strength, conditioning, and overall nutrition.
  • Assess student's exercise techniques to determine areas in need of improvement.
  • Develop suitable fitness programs for students based on age, objectives, and individual skill sets.
  • Develop innovative ways to assist beginner or younger students in learning and understanding various fitness and nutritional concepts.
  • Identify the learning styles that work best for each student and adapt all coaching methods accordingly.
  • Provide a secure and productive learning environment for students.





  • 1-2 years of proven experience working as a Fitness Instructor and teaching various workouts such as Yoga, Kickboxing, Plyometrics, Calisthenics, etc.
  • Sound knowledge of various coaching techniques.
  • Experience teaching anatomy, physiology, and nutrition to various age groups.
  • The ability to motivate students.
  • Excellent organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
  • Exceptional communication and customer service skills.
  • A passion for fitness and nutrition.
  • Desire to work with underserved children in a non-profit environment.
  • Background screening.
  • Prior experience creating and executing curriculums and lesson plans.


Physical and Mental Demands

  • Able to work in a dynamic and high noise level environment typical of a youth center
  • Walking, standing required on a daily basis


Additional Information

  • Able to work well with diverse populations of employees and clients
  • Solution-oriented team player who both promotes and practices a growth mindset
  • Provides exemplary customer service and welcoming hospitality


Days and Hours: 

Monday’s: 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Tuesday’s: 5:00pm - 6:30pm


COVID-19 Protocols:

APCH is committed to the health and safety of our Staff, Independent contractors, and members. APCH is following closely with all CDC and OSHA guidelines. All individuals on-site will be required to wear face coverings and/or face shields. Sanitation stations and other safety precautions will be provided as well.


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