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Step Up Tutoring’s mission is to improve student success through academic support and mentorship in under-resourced communities. Our goal is also to promote understanding, empathy, and trust among people from diverse backgrounds. 

Step Up Tutoring is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that recruits, screens, trains, and matches volunteer tutors with K-8 students for twice per week tutoring and mentoring. Step Up Tutoring has a 5 year Memo of Understanding with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), is of no cost to the district, and is currently in the pilot phase serving 3rd-6th grade students. Step Up Tutoring plans to expand to other school districts with a goal to serve more than 25,000 students and their families. We have completed a successful pilot phase and are now hiring a permanent Executive Director to lead the organization and expand our services at LAUSD and other public school districts. 

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POSITION The Executive Director of Step Up Tutoring will be an entrepreneurial leader who is inspired to combat learning loss from the covid crisis and increase educational equity for under resourced families who want to take advantage of free online tutoring to improve their children’s education. The Executive Director will be responsible for leading the administration, programming and strategic planning of the organization. Key duties include: team staffing, volunteer tutor marketing/recruiting and training programs, working with top research universities to test and measure innovative individualized online learning systems, creation of tutor and family outreach/incentive programs, and interactions with LAUSD and other PS senior executives including School Superintendents. Supported by an experienced and committed Board, the Executive Director will innovate and implement the expansion plans developed thus far in collaboration with LAUSD and eventually other districts. 


  • Report to and work closely with the Chairman and Board to recommend and implement strategic decisions 
  • Lead strategic planning including use of outside consultants when relevant
  • Be the senior executive, act as the senior development officer and work closely with and supervise a senior program executive with an expertise and experience in K-12 tutoring. 
  • Evolve and improve online tutoring pedagogy and delivery methods, with tech and ed experts and research university faculty 
  • Create next generation of virtual learning, with ed tech corporate executives
  • Work closely with LAUSD senior administrators and other districts on programming
  • Develop plans to rapidly scale the programs from growth to scale 
  • Hire, direct, supervise and evaluate a growing staff of 15 FTE 
  • Recruit, train and inspire a mostly all-volunteer force of thousands of citizen tutors (including university students, junior and mid-career professionals and seniors)
  • Create partnerships with public and private organizations for tutors and technology
  • Plan and operation of budget 
  • Staff supervise, set goals and measure effective day-to-day operations and metrics
  • Plan and execute a development effort, working closely with the Board
  • Build a high performing, high morale team and organization 
  • Serve as a Step Up Tutoring primary spokesperson 
  • Strengthen and deepen engagement with teachers and parents 
  • Enhance Step Up Tutoring’s image by being active in the Los Angeles education and service community and by working closely with partner organizations 
  • Other duties as required to successfully carry out the Step Up Tutoring mission 



  • BA or BS in education or related fields. Graduate degree is a plus. 
  • Experience in K-12 public education, EdTech, or tutoring service 
  • 10 years of relevant experience, including as company or non profit leader
  • Development for a non-profit organization or fundraising for a for profit company
  • Strong communication skills; experience as public spokesperson a plus
  • Strong organizational and leadership skills, comfortable working with business board
  • Entrepreneurial mindset, experience with business and tech planning and measurement
  • High cultural competence with experience serving diverse populations and students from under-resourced communities 
  • Ability to speak Spanish is a plus 



  • 40-50 hours per week 
  • Full-time, remote for now; LA based office 
  • $120-170k DOE plus benefits (healthcare & retirement benefits, PTO) 



  • Help shape and scale a support system for LAUSD, and eventually other districts, that will improve the academic performance of children in low-income communities 
  • Change the trajectory and life outcomes for K-8 students in Los Angeles through Step Up Tutoring’s family/student mentoring 
  • Interface with CEOs and other senior business executives and university administrators, who are our partners and supporters of Step Up Tutoring 
  • Showcase your leadership skills and experiences by guiding Step Up Tutoring staff and broader team and community 
  • Innovate online pedagogy with world-class universities and EdTech companies
  • Work with the best and brightest people in EdTech, large public school systems, and world-class research universities 
  • High profile/public engagement (if desired) 
  • Pilot program fully funded and fundraising for future needs is underway 


To apply

Please forward Cover Letter and Resume to: 
Iliana Parra, [email protected]