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Outreach and Coalitions Intern

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about 2 months ago
Los Angeles

The Civics Center is a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization focused on high school voter registration and civic engagement. Four million Americans turn 18 every year, and the vast majority are eligible to register to vote while they are in high school. Yet no effective infrastructure exists to make sure that every eligible high school student receives encouragement and an equal opportunity to register to vote. The Civics Center addresses this challenge with ideas, education, and action. Effective collaboration with allied organizations and leaders is a key part of our work.

The Civics Center’s 2021 outreach efforts are focused on growing our coalition to support the launch of High School Voter Registration Week 2021 and spark voter registration drives in high schools nationwide.

Internship Description

  • The Outreach and Coalitions Intern supports outreach efforts of The Civics Center by establishing new, and maintaining current, partnerships with organizations within the Ready to Vote Coalition. This includes:
  • Researching new prospects
  • Conducting direct outreach to organizations
  • Participating in introductory calls and Coalition calls
  • Recording outreach efforts to share with the Outreach Coordinator


In addition, the Outreach and Coalitions Intern may also support our student network and educator network, both of which will play an active role in our outreach efforts.  Lastly, this internship also includes research and administrative support on an as-needed basis in relation to the maintenance and expansion of the Ready to Vote Coalition.

In relation to these goals, the Outreach and Coalitions Intern reports to the Associate Director of The Civics Center and works closely with the Assistant Director for Outreach and Coalitions, for which we are now hiring. The Outreach Assistant works collaboratively with volunteers and organizations to achieve the goals of The Civics Center, namely creating and institutionalizing high school voter registration.
Requirements include excellent oral and written communication skills, great interpersonal skills, organization and attention to detail, creativity, and judgment.  Ability to work in or to quickly learn Google Drive and a variety of other software applications pertinent to fulfilling the requirements of the job is also required. 

The position lasts through September 2021, and those who are interested can apply to extend either through November 2021 or for the full school year.  The internship will be between 10-19 hours per week, subject to change based on need and availability.  A stipend of $1000 for Aug 1-Sept. 30 is available for those who do not qualify for funding through their school. Additional funding will be provided for those accepted to extend their participation.

Qualifications (You will be a good fit if):

  • You are committed to our values.  You care about democracy and laws that promote voting rights and access. You embrace nonpartisan civic engagement. You love working with youth from diverse backgrounds. You model respect, integrity, hard work, and follow-through. You love to learn, have a growth mindset, welcome constructive feedback and are committed to a respectful work environment with exceptionally high standards. You are a problem solver, and you enjoy sharing your thoughts and opinions and participating in deliberative discussions to innovate with concrete, ambitious goals in mind. You are always honest, open about mistakes, and you enjoy helping others.
  • You are a great communicator.  You listen to others and care what they have to say.  You can communicate with diverse audiences in an engaging way both orally and in writing. You are committed to making communications both accurate and fun and to building relationships for TCC among a broad array of groups, leaders, educators, and students. You can take a leadership role in creating or supervising the creation of social media and other communication toolkits for our partner organizations. 
  • You are great with meetings, details, follow-up, and metrics.  Key goals for this position include expanding our coalition, expanding the number of students in our programs, expanding the number of high school voter registration drives students hold, and expanding support among community leaders and educators. Excellent skills relating to one-on-one and group meetings is required, including scheduling, reaching out to new contacts via phone and email, promoting attendance, creating agendas, inviting speakers, encouraging participation, having meaningful one-on-one meetings, making others feel valued, asking for and obtaining key commitments, and taking care of post-meeting follow up to ensure appropriate cultivation and development of key relationships. You should also have the ability to train and supervise college students and volunteers who we engage in our work of finding youth leaders.
  • You have enough experience to know you’d enjoy this work.  We are looking for someone who has experience in student organizing, voting rights, or electoral campaign work or comparable experience that makes you know you find outreach work rewarding, are persistent and energetic, and you love getting people involved. 


The Civics Center is a project of Community Partners, a 501(c)(3) organization.

To apply

To apply, please send a resume and a cover letter describing why you are interested in this position to [email protected]  Please put your name and “Outreach Intern Application” in the subject line.