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United Way of Greater Los Angeles

Senior Manager, Homeless Systems Change (Seniors)

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6 months ago
Los Angeles

Under the direction and guidance of the Director, Homelessness Initiatives, the Senior Manager will be responsible for critical aspects of Home For Good’s strategies focusing on older adults and seniors. Home For Good is the largest non-governmental agent working on the issue of homelessness in LA County, a driving force and backbone in creating systematic change that brings more people inside again.
Working alongside a dynamic and innovative team of implementers, the Senior Manager will have the opportunity to be at the center of this inspiring and historic effort, leading our collaborative effort to create a comprehensive strategy to quickly end older adult and senior homelessness in LA County - with focused attention on ensuring homelessness among older Black residents is extremely rare, brief, and non-recurring.
The work environment is fast-paced and energized, focused on continuous learning and improvement both internally and out in the field. As part of a management team of Home For Good, the Senior Manager will support coalition building, collaborative planning, and execution of strategic funding that pilot innovations, build cross-sector capacity between the aging and homelessness systems, and advance racial justice in partnership with public and private stakeholders.
The ideal candidate will demonstrate a deep passion for addressing systemic issues and injustices, possess a strong work-ethic, enjoy dynamic problem-solving, operate with a team & mission-first mindset, and exhibit a track record of cultivating easy, meaningful, and productive relationships with diverse partners.

Systems Change Leadership:

  • Drive systems change and improved performance by identifying the most critical barriers and opportunities to achieve the following measures:
  • Statistically significant year-over-year increases in the number of LA County adults 55 and older who exit homelessness to permanent housing, compared to baseline; and, continued yearly decreases in the relative share of 55 and older adults experiencing homeless as counted in the annual Point in Time (PIT) Count for the Los Angeles Continuum of Care
    • ~7,000 seniors exit homelessness through permanent housing placements and other pathways by the end of 2021
  • Statistically significant year-over-year decreases in the number of 55 and older adults experiencing homelessness for the first time in LA County, with even stronger performance among Black residents in that age cohort
  •  Statistically significant year-over-year increases in the percentage of eligible seniors, particularly Black seniors, enrolled in SSI and other benefits
  • Better health indicators for senior adults experiencing homelessness, including increased health insurance coverage increased engagement in primary care as evidenced by fewer missed appointments, higher completions of annual wellness visits, and higher rates of medical screenings (i.e. colon cancer, mammograms) and higher completion of age-appropriate vaccinations (i.e. pneumonia, shingles, influenza)
  • Produce a system-level strategic roadmap for unaccompanied seniors experiencing or at risk of homelessness that creates clarity among clients, partners, and stakeholders about how advocacy, resources, programs, and systems will align to make more progress on housing the target population with transformative potential to simultaneously reduce the scale and cost of senior homelessness on our healthcare system
  • Leverage virtual technology to establish a safe and sustainable management and implementation infrastructure that ensures the strategies outlined in the roadmap are resourced, coordinated, implemented, and monitored
  • Work with partners to make high-level plans, implement solutions, track, and communicate ongoing progress on these measures to keep general public and political offices apprised and supportive
  • Identify skills-based volunteer opportunities for United Way corporate partners that help to reduce homelessness among older adults in partnership with our engagement team
  • Serve as primary coordinator for any virtual or in-person meetings focused on integrations between the homeless services system and the aging services system



  • Lead a team of internal and external members that will be working closely with community partners to strengthen strategic planning and coordination between the homeless and aging systems, create cross-system system efficiencies, and spot real-time challenges and opportunities
  • Work with team to translate back and forth between these ground-level experiences and policy protocols to eliminate the gap between promise and practice
  • Directly manage a Program Coordinator responsible for organizing and managing project deliverables and communications with stakeholders
  • Provide training and support to the team on continuous improvement, facilitation, and technical assistance

Grant Writing

  • Support elements of grant writing for mid-size proposals of $100k and above that benefit the long-term sustainability of the Home For Good team and drives community impact
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.



  • 7 years' minimum related work experience in direct services, systems change, or policy work required
  • Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree preferred
  • Expertise and background in aging policy, continuous improvement, and systems change strategies preferred
  • Working knowledge of strategies that help people age in place and the root causes of and solutions to homelessness among older adults
  • Understands and values racial equity as an organizational operating principle and is committed to continued learning on issues related to race, equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Must have excellent relationship building skills, strong organization, and follow up skills
  • Demonstrated experience in strategic plan development
  • Demonstrated experience in project and/or initiative management
  • Demonstrated experience in policy development and program design
  • Demonstrated experience in internal and external collaboration, joint problem solving, and constructive team dynamics
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with all organizational levels within a diverse environment.
  • Must be able to transfer thoughts and ideas into concrete, coherent actions, while applying continuous quality improvement processes to evaluate outcomes
  • Must be able to exercise initiative, independent good judgment, flexibility, discretion, and solid decision- making
  • Must be able to utilize creative strategies to engage stakeholders and maintain effective working relationship with key stakeholders
  • Should possess strong interpersonal skills, written, and verbal communication skills, as well as the ability to persuade small and large groups alike
  • Must be able to successfully consolidate competing priorities from stakeholders toward a singular goal
  • Must be able to prioritize work, meet specific deadlines, and make appropriate adjustments to changing circumstances as necessary
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint) is essential
  • Proficiency with virtual engagement platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams is strongly recommended



  • The initiation and execution of contracts and grant agreements with consultants, technical assistance providers, and targeted grantees to fuel the development of an expert-informed stakeholder mapping, baselining, and roadmap development process
  • The successful creation and release of a system-level strategic roadmap for unaccompanied seniors experiencing or at risk of homelessness in LA County and an accompanying stakeholder engagement process
  • The launch of a management infrastructure that will ensure efficient, effective, and accountable execution of the strategic roadmap for homeless seniors
  • Measurable improvements in the impact of this work on the volume, frequency, and duration of homelessness among LA County seniors, with particular progress among Black seniors


United we fight. United we win.

Your passion fuels solutions that improve lives and lift up communities. More than anyone else, you know what’s possible; you’ve seen it in the faces of the people whose lives you have forever changed. Sometimes you feel like one person standing alone against big challenges, but there are those who share your vision for the future, and are ready to fight alongside you.

When you work with United Way, you join a team dedicated to creating a better life and a stronger community—for everyone. This is your chance to contribute your personal passions, best ideas and unique strengths to innovative work that leaves a lasting mark on people’s lives in your own community.

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