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Urban Planning Project Manager

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6 months ago
Los Angeles

Healthcare Staffing Professionals has an immediate need for an Urban Planning Project Manager to provide services for a LA County Run Program focused on developing and managing active transportation plans, including bicycle and pedestrian, in the East Los Angeles area. The Urban Planning Project Manager will be responsible for overseeing the work of a planning firm and other sub-contractors in development of a Pedestrian Master Plan.
The program is funded for an initial 2-year period and the position will start upon acceptance and completion of the employee application and screening.

Pay Rate: $7,046 per month (Salary, Working a minimum of 40 hours a week)
Benefits: Employer provided Healthcare Insurance, Dental and life insurance from day 1
Shifts: Variable Start Time 
Employee will be working a minimum of 8 hours a day, from 7am to 7pm 

Minimum Qualifications: 
A Master’s Degree in Urban Planning or related field OR a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Planning or related field AND two years of experience developing and/or managing active transportation plans.
A valid California driver’s license, proof of vehicle insurance, and reliable transportation or ability to utilize an alternative method of transportation

Desirable Qualifications: 

  • Experience managing active transportation plans, projects, or programs;
  • Experience working with culturally and economically diverse communities;
  • Experience managing multiple sub-contracts and reporting;
  • Experience managing staff and/or a project team;
  • Experience using a variety of strategies to collect community input on pedestrian and/or bike initiatives;
  • Experience planning and facilitating community workshops;
  • Experience collaborating with a variety of stakeholders including jurisdictional staff, community members, and decision-makers;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Strong project management skills and follow-through;
  • Solid understanding of the relationship between active transportation and public health;
  • Ability to speak and write Spanish fluently; and
  • Skilled in use of MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and ArcGIS.



  • Oversee the implementation of all aspects of the Project scope of work;
  • Coordinate and facilitate regular meetings with the project team;
  • Convene and facilitate regular check-ins with the planning contractor to track plan progress;
  • Convene and facilitate the project technical advisory committee, recruit County department staff to participate;
  • Coordinate the collection of County information, policies, plans, and procedures to provide the planning contractor to inform the development of the pedestrian plans;
  • Build consensus between County departments and with community stakeholders if there are opposing views on recommended improvements, policies, and/or programs;
  • Coordinate and facilitate one-on-one meetings with the County departments, supervisorial staff and the planning contractor as needed throughout the planning process;
  • Coordinate outreach activities with County departments, the project contractors and outreach coordinator to collect community input;
  • Participate and facilitate key community workshops and events with the project contractors to gather community input for the development of the plans;
  • Participate and facilitate community advisory committees with the outreach coordinator and project contractors as needed, ensure County departments are able to attend key meetings to hear and address community concerns;
  • Review and organize community input and data collected to inform the development of the plans in coordination with the outreach coordinator;
  • Review the work of the team and the pedestrian plans for thoroughness, soundness of recommendations, and compliance with State and County policies and regulations;
  • Present the pedestrian plans to key stakeholders and decision-making bodies for adoption in coordination with County departments;
  • Perform detailed review of monthly contractor reports to evaluate compliance with the service requirement of the contracts and make adjustments as needed to improve the program and ensure timelines and deliverables are met;
  • Perform detailed review of contractor budgets and the Caltrans project budget and prepare recommendations for adjustments as needed in coordination with the DCDIP administrative staff;
  • Prepare required progress reports on grant implementation to Caltrans; and
  • Other duties as assigned by PLACE Program Director.


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