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Los Angeles

National Field Director

Our NFD will be based in Los Angeles, California. Remote candidates will not be considered, but we can provide a small stipend to cover moving costs if the selected candidate does not already live in Los Angeles.

VOTETRIPLING.ORG began as a research organization and has now evolved into a training organization. In 2018 and 2019, we designed, tested and disseminated a free behavioral science-based tactic that sparks Democrats to get their friends to vote (see below blurb for description of tactic). In 2020, our work is centered on disseminating this tactic as broadly as possible in swing states via providing free and in-depth trainings and technical support to progressives on the implementation of this technique. In 2020, we will support 60 of the most competitive federal races and more than half of the nation’s top progressive GOTV organizations. Our ambition is to gain enough adoption of vote tripling to produce a large enough boost in turnout to flip a 2020 swing state.

Vote tripling is the new & improved commit to vote (CTV) pledge. Instead of just asking voters to pledge that they will vote, this GOTV tactic also gets them to pledge to mobilize 3 friends. Through canvasses, SMS outreach and events, campaigns and voter turnout organizations can get tens of thousands of non-activists to pledge to vote triple. Our 2018 test finds vote tripling boosts turnout inexpensively and, because of its simplicity, scales far faster than other friend-to-friend GOTV programs.

As our NFD, the success of many of our campaign partnerships will be in your hands. You’ll be responsible for enlisting tens of thousands of ‘vote triplers’ through partnerships with highly competitive Congressional and state-level races. You’ll work directly with 40+ campaign Field Directors and will report to our Executive Director.


  • Goal-oriented. Our work entails a combination of entrepreneurial creativity and straightforward execution. To maintain continual progress, we collaboratively set weekly goals for everyone in the organization, and check in on them at the end of the week.
  • Tenacity. While the NFD will have very clear goals—e.g., ‘get a partner in Michigan to sign up 1,000 college-aged vote triplers in the next week’—they will often have unclear paths to accomplishing those goals. The NFD should expect that the first ‘solution’ they try to accomplish their goals will often fail. That’s normal for everyone in our organizations; the reason is that the work we’re dedicated to is hard.
  • Time-efficient. Our organization’s ambitions are lofty. Because of that, the NFD will have a substantial amount of work on their plate each day. The only way the NFD will be able to complete their workload each day is through completing tasks quickly.
  • Excellent judgement. Due to the fast turnarounds our work requires, the NFD will need to make important strategic decisions for our organization and partners under time pressure and often without an ability to consult other members of our team. Because of that, the NFD must exhibit excellent judgement.
  • Succinct. The NFD must communicate succinctly.
  • Los Angeles residency. This position is based in Los Angeles and the NFD will be expected to work in-person from our Los Angeles office at least four days per week.
  • Ability to travel. The majority of the NFD’s work supporting our partners will occur via phone or video conferences from our Los Angeles office. However, the NFD must be able to travel to visit partner campaigns roughly once every four to six weeks.
  • Strong work experience. The NFD will have 6+ years of work experience.



  • Campaign experience. Full-time experience on a political campaign’s field team (preferably several years of campaign experience and preferably experience working on a campaign that used ‘vote tripling’ as part of its GOTV strategy)
  • Writing field plans. Experience writing a field plan or strong familiarity with political campaign field planning
  • Cold SMS programs: Experience launching cold SMSs outreaches via peer-to-peer texting platforms
  • Campaign technology: Familiarity with campaign technology tools including NGP VAN, Hustle/ThruText, etc.



  • Compensation will be based on experience, but will be between a $70,000-$85,000 annualized salary
  • Generous health care and retirement benefits are provided on top of base salary
To apply


  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting in mid-November


Application instructions:

  • Please read this article and this article to familiarize yourself with vote tripling
  • After reading the above articles, please email [email protected] a resume and a cover letter that details (i) why you’re the right fit for this job and (ii) how you satisfy the must-have and nice-to-have qualifications, skill sets, and values


  • We are dedicated to creating an organization that reflects the diversity of the country we serve. We strongly encourage women, people of color, and others who are underrepresented in campaigns to apply.