The Youth Movement Against Alzheimer's

Director of Caregiving Programs

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20 days ago
Los Angeles

About the Youth Movement Against Alzheimer's

Chartered in 2015, the Youth Movement Against Alzheimer’s (YMAA) actively engages over 500 students, making it the largest youth-led Alzheimer’s 501(c)(3) non-profit in the nation. YMAA’s efforts focus on advocacy and outreach, caregiving innovation, and student research. 

Over the next 5 years, YMAA will focus on implementing and scaling its social enterprise, YouthCare, which will expand access to caregiving services for low-income and minority family caregivers. Simultaneously, our advocacy model will continue to increase the number of students who start and develop university and high school chapters.

Our Vision 

A culture where youth embrace aging and alleviate the impact of Alzheimer's.

Our Mission

To promote understanding of Alzheimer's among youth and young adults by providing opportunities to help those affected by the disease.

Reports to CEO

Office in Los Angeles, CA

Primary Responsibilities

  • Operate and execute all aspects of YouthCare

  • Increase client participation by building relationships with external agencies in various fields including, but not limited to: healthcare, education, and policy

  • Develop program curricula and community mental health resource guides

  • Develop stress management toolkits

  • Screen caregivers for program qualification

  • Recruit student volunteers

  • Mentor and evaluate student interns

  • Spearhead marketing campaign

  • Work within specified budget

  • Report operational and financial updates on a monthly basis to CEO

  • Report operational and financial updates on a bimonthly basis to LA2050

  • Constantly seek opportunities to integrate YMAA programs into governmental entities such that the nonprofit realizes its mission in systems change


Leadership and Strategic Planning

  • Work alongside CEO to develop a strategic plan for YouthCare

  • Engage with team members and members of the community to work in alignment with core values

  • Maintain a culture of urgency that executes at start-up speed with focus and accountability


Development and Fundraising

  • The Director of Caregiving Programs will work with team members and volunteers to represent YMAA to all types of donors in order to establish relationships with funders and community leaders. The Director of Caregiving Programs is expected to raise 100% of his or her salary through development and/or fundraising.

  • Work with staff and volunteers to represent YMAA to all types of donors

  • Build partnerships, and establish relationships with funders and community leaders to expand YMAA's base of support 

  • Secure 50% of salary through development and/or fundraising


Required Skills and Experience

  • Clear written and verbal communication skills 

  • Proven leadership experience over 5+ years

  • Interest in maintaining position in organization for 3+ years.

  • Proven operational execution

  • Proven desire for systems change

  • Developing a culture of success

  • Deep understanding of the magnitude of the organization’s vision

  • Deep understanding of the urgency of the organization’s goals

  • Ability to work within healthcare settings


Recommended Qualifications

  • Project Management

  • Experience working with evaluators

  • Experience in fundraising for long term programs

  • Able to implement systems to improve infrastructure


Values of Interest 

  • Ability to take risk

  • Willing to accept mistakes on behalf of staff

  • Willing to consistently challenge comfort zone

  • Expressive gratitude towards all individuals that support YMAA

  • Community Engagement


To apply

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