Big Sunday

Program Manager

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3 months ago
Los Angeles


Big Sunday connects people through helping. We provide a wide variety of opportunities and projects that bring people together to improve lives, build community and give people a sense of belonging.

The idea is that absolutely everyone has some way that they can help somebody else. In these divisive times we like to focus on what we all have in common.

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  1. Plan and manage ongoing and one-time events involving anywhere from a few people to hundreds or thousands of people

  2. Assist in the planning and managing of other events

  3. Maintain and grow current programs

  4. Consider and potential create new and additional programs

  5. Oversee and coordinate some of our online programming

  6. Manage and/or assist aspects of our Corporate Days of Service in the greater Los Angeles area and possibly other cities, too.



  1. At least 4 years’ experience with at least one of the following: event planning, project management, crowd management

  2. Previous experience in a managerial position is a plus.

  3. Able to see the big picture, make a plan and follow through.

  4. Well organized

  5. Dependable

  6. Able and happy to take responsibility

  7. Able to delegate

  8. Imaginative

  9. Able to understand the spirit of Big Sunday programming and allow it to thrive and grow Being a kind and compassionate person.

  10. Good computer skills are mandatory.

  11. Comfortable working with people of all ages and backgrounds in all kinds of environments

  12. Social networking skills are helpful, too.

  13. Good writing skills are helpful, too.

  14. Being a self-starter.

  15. Flexible

  16. Friendly.

  17. Patient.

  18. Demonstrates grace under fire.

  19. A good sense of humor.

  20. Able to multitask

  21. Able to work within a budget.

  22. There is some heavy lifting occassionally involved

  23. You will need to work the occasional evening, and at least one weekend day or evening per month, sometimes two.


This job calls on all kinds of skills – creative, practical, and interpersonal. There is a great opportunity to meet many people of all ages from all walks of life, including volunteers, nonprofit partners, corporate clients and donors. There is opportunity for growth. Our work environment is casual, but we get a lot done with a small but devoted staff. This is a great job for a passionate person who enjoys people, is willing to jump in with both feet, and who wants to make a difference.

Please note: Big Sunday is also hiring for a Program Assistant. That is a different job than this.

Details at a glance

  • On-site Location

  • Full Time Schedule

  • 4-Year Degree Required



  • Benefits include fully paid health insurance

  • Generous paid leave (vacation, sick, and holidays - including two full weeks off in August and at the year-end holidays)

  • A supportive environment that allows you to implement new ideas and to grow


To apply

Please send:

  • A resume and cover letter explaining why you think you're especially well-suited for this job to [email protected].

  • 3 references

  • Say "PROGRAM MANAGER" in the subject line.

  • No calls, please. (Really.)