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Executive Director

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Full Time
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Los Angeles

House of Ruth’s mission is to provide services that support the safety and well-being of those impacted by domestic violence. House of Ruth has been providing life-saving domestic violence services for residents of eastern Los Angeles and western San Bernardino counties since 1977. As an advocacy organization our services include providing culturally competent shelter, programs, opportunities, and education; and to contribute to social change through intervention, education, prevention programs and community awareness.

Executive Director Job Description

The Executive Director has internal, board oriented and public oriented responsibilities. Working with the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will set the strategic direction and goals of the organization and will ultimately be responsible for the success of those goals. The Executive Director is responsible overseeing the staff, programs, expansion, and the execution of its mission. The Executive Director is a public face of the organization.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities


  • Lead the implementation of the strategic plan to achieves the organization’s mission in a consistent and timely manner.
  • Serves as the liaison between the Board of Directors and House of Ruth staff.
  • Work in partnership with the Board of Directors to identify, assess, and inform the Board of internal and external issues which may affect the organization and the field of the domestic violence.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the domestic violence field to determine what action(s) the organization may take to raise awareness to the public.
  • Serves as the public face of the organization, which includes public policy issues and community relations that have both an impact and/or an implication on the domestic violence mission of House of Ruth.


Operational planning and management

  • Ensure maintenance and confidentiality of official records and documents, and ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations.
  • Develop an operational plan which incorporates goals and objectives that work towards the strategic direction of the organization
  • Oversee the efficient and effective day-to-day operation of the organization.


Program planning and management

  • Ensure ongoing programmatic excellence and program evaluation; recommend timelines and resources needed to achieve strategic goals and objectives.
  • Oversee the planning, implementation and evaluation of the organization's programs and services.
  • Ensure that the programs and services offered by the organization contribute to the organization's mission and reflect the priorities of House of Ruth.
  • Oversee the planning, implementation, execution and evaluation of special projects.
  • Develop and enhance relationships with other local organizations offering similar or complementary services and programs.


Community relations and advocacy

  • Communicate with stakeholders to keep them informed of the work of the organization and to identify changes in the community served by House of Ruth.
  • Establish robust working relationships and collaborative arrangements with community groups, funders, politicians, and other organizations to help achieve the goals of the organization.
  • Represent the organization at community activities to enhance and expand the community profile of House of Ruth.



  • Oversee the development of fundraising plans.
  • Expand revenue generating and fundraising activities to support existing and future program and operations.
  • Build strong relationships with donors and potential donors, particularly those who have been the most generous or have the capacity to make major gifts, and encourage regular outreach and stewardship.
  • Participate in fundraising activities as appropriate.


Human Resources Planning and Management

  • Ensure effective recruitment, employment, and release of all personnel, both paid staff and volunteers.
  • Ensure that job descriptions are developed, that regular performance evaluations are held, and that sound human resource practices are in place.
  • Ensure that an effective management team, with appropriate provision for succession, is in place.
  • Determine staffing requirements for organizational management and program delivery.
  • Establish a positive, healthy and safe work environment in accordance with all applicable legislation and regulations.
  • Ensure that all staff receives an orientation to the organization and that appropriate training is provided.
  • Coach and mentor staff as appropriate to improve performance
  • Discipline staff when necessary using appropriate techniques; release staff when necessary using appropriate and legally defensible procedures.
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for staff professional development.


Financial Planning and Management

  • Ensure the development and maintenance of sound financial practices.
  • Work with House of Ruth Financial team to prepare a budget; see that the organization operates within budget guidelines.
  • Ensure that adequate funds are available to permit the organization to carry out its work.
  • Ensure that House of Ruth is managed in a fiscally responsible manner.
  • Ensure that sound bookkeeping and accounting procedures are followed.
  • Administer the funds of the organization according to the approved budget and monitor the monthly cash flow of the organization.
  • Provide the appropriate House of Ruth stakeholders with comprehensive, regular reports on the revenues and expenditure of the organization
  • Ensure that the organization complies with all legislation covering taxation and withholding payments.


Risk management

  • Identify and evaluate the risks to the organization's people (clients, staff, management, volunteers), property, finances, goodwill, and image and implement measures to control risks.
  • Ensure that House of Ruth is appropriately and adequately insured.
  • Ensure that the key staff and other stakeholders of House of Ruth understand the terms, conditions and limitations of the insurance coverage.



Education and experience

  • Advanced degree preferred
  • Five years of senior management experience in the nonprofit sector


Knowledge, skills, and abilities

  • Connection to the Domestic Violence cause
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong and persuasive written and verbal communication skills including the ability to effectively speak and make presentations in both small and large group settings.
  • Experience working with a culturally diverse staff
  • Strong foundation in collaborative leadership
  • Knowledge of all federal and state legislation applicable to House of Ruth
  • Experience working with community stakeholders
  • Ability to effectively navigate issues related to human resources management
  • Financial management
  • Project management experience


Proficiency in the use of technology for:

  • Report writing
  • Finance management
  • E-mail and communications
  • Research


Personal characteristics

  • Passionate about people, social justice, the women’s movement, and the field of domestic violence
  • Warm, charismatic, and approachable
  • Flexible and creative
  • Stubbornly conscientious
  • Culturally Sensitive
  • Bilingual (preferred)
To apply

Please send resume and cover letter to [email protected] by 5 pm on January 11, 2019. Please use as a subject heading “House of Ruth, Executive Director” and your last name.

House of Ruth is an equal opportunity employer.