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Out of School Program Worker

Employment type
Part Time
3 months ago
Los Angeles



A. Primary Function

Assists in conducting various enrichment and recreation activities in out-of-school programs on a part-time basis.


B. Typical Duties

  1. Assists in organizing and conducting a variety of enrichment and recreation activities, such as arts and crafts, athletics, games, roller skating, and dramatics, during out-of-school program time.
  2. Assists in maintaining safety and order at out-of-school program sites.
  3. Checks a variety of equipment in and out to adults and children and assists with equipment repair and maintenance.
  4. Administers first-aid in cases of minor injury.
  5. Performs related duties as assigned.


C. Distinguishing Characteristics

An Out-of-School Program Worker assists an Out-of-School Program Supervisor or Senior Out-of-School Program Supervisor in conducting enrichment and/or recreation activities at an out-of-school program school site. Part-time (not more than 139 hours per pay period) positions in this class are in the Unclassified Service. Full-time positions are in the Classified Service.

An Out-of-School Program Supervisor directs the enrichment and/or recreation activities at an out-of-school program school site.


D. Supervision

General supervision is received from an Out-of-School Program Supervisor, Senior Out-of-School Program Supervisor, or Playground Program Specialist. Supervision usually is not exercised. Work direction may be given to Part-time Out-of-School Program Helpers.


E. Qualifications

Knowledge of:

  • Sports, games, handicrafts, dramatics, and music.
  • Routine maintenance of enrichment and recreation equipment and supplies.
  • Standard first-aid techniques.


Ability to:

  • Use good judgment in problem situations.
  • Travel to other District sites and locations. Mobility to traverse all areas of the work site.



Graduation from high school or its equivalent is preferable.



Experience working with youth is preferable.


Special Requirements

A valid Red Cross First-Aid Certificate must be obtained within 90 days after employment begins.

To apply

Send resumes to [email protected]