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Artist Residency
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About this organization

For over 30 years, we have supported artists who work in communities instead of galleries. We incubate artist projects at our temporary headquarters and off-site in collaboration with partners. We host both established and emerging artists with the goal of cross-pollination, mentorship, and community building. All artist projects are woven into the free programming that we offer to the community. These projects create a ripple effect and sometimes evolve into programs. We provide support services to artists and neighbors with programs including Skill Share Workshops, and online resources.

The community of artists that is SSP is also greater than SSP. We hold a great deal of history in LA County as a community art project space and serve as a connective tissue supporting the larger network of artists and organizations doing social justice work on the ground.

About this job

The UNTWISTED: Inside Out In residencies are available for artists interested in developing socially engaged projects in connection to the communities SSP serves. Projects should aim to honor process over product and make space for regeneration, deep listening, and peer-to-peer mentorship. This residency UNTWISTED: Inside Out In could serve as an incubation space for a larger project, as some projects continue beyond the scope of the residency.

This project is funded by the Pasadena Community Foundation and is intended to serve folks who reside in or have a meaningful connection to the City of Pasadena and Altadena. SSP maintains a range of community partners who can potentially inform and collaborate with the projects. We honor our relationships and partners as precious resources. We recognize that resource abundance is also connected to the strength and care of our relationships.

What does the Artist Residency support?

- Artist/Collective Honorarium: $3,000

- Materials Budget: approximately $500

- Trauma-Informed Training

- Public Programming

- Budgeted staff time, based on the individual needs of the residency

Roles & responsibilities

Artists will develop projects that create peaceful spaces for intergenerational connection and the conditions for collective healing, with a TIC approach.

SSP has determined that we need to build on our TIC practices so that we can more effectively meet our community where they are. Our intention is to increase the capacity of SSP and artists who are already doing Trauma-Informed work in their practice and collectively grow our ability to create conditions for healing in our communities. Trauma-Informed training will be provided as a part of this residency. All artists who run SSP will also participate in this training, alongside the artists-in-residence.

These goals have been brought to us through cyclical dialogue with community members and stakeholders who have asked us to create peaceful spaces to collectively, connect, make art, and heal across generations.

The following poem is intended to expand on the description above and call in with gratitude all of the benevolent artists, beings, and forces that are going to shape and animate the spirit of this UNTWISTED: Inside Out In residency. Artists are equally encouraged to respond to the text in their proposals, if it feels appropriate.

"There is always a child caught in the crosshairs of ecstasy and curiosity

Climbing their way through the soft petals of a blooming rose

Watching and interlooping in the soft voice whisper of love

Pulled from the speeding train clunking away on a track generations old

Over and over again

Give Love a try

Let it break you open softly

And watch the nectar pour out

Calming the fight that is beyond paradox

Beyond winning and failing

Nectar sweetness

Peace and Harmony in the tetris of a moment

The vertical hierarchy and “clammering for survival” turned, laid on its side

Revealing a circle, an embrace coated in afterbirth

Behold Beauty

Untwisted inside out in

Beauty Beauty

As Life Sustains Life."

-Written by Yoli


- We seek artists/collectives interested in or who have experience with TIC and intergenerational community engagement.

- Preference will be given to *justice-impacted artists and/or collectives. (*see definition below)

- Artists of all mediums are encouraged to apply.

To apply

Apply through our application form here:

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