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About this organization

Self Help Graphics & Art (SHG) is dedicated to the production, interpretation and distribution of prints and other art media by Chicana/o, Latinx, and other artists inspired by the social justice imperative of the Chicano Movement. Our multidisciplinary and intergenerational programs promote artistic excellence and empower our communities by providing access to space, tools, training and resources.

About this job

SHG has reached a historic juncture. It has been operating for 50 years, it outright owns its own building and is planning for the renovation of its home. The growing staff continues to meet the pace, scale, and demand of the organization’s cultural production and community serving programming. This moment will find a new executive director inheriting a Self Help Graphics that is fiscally sound with a robust, talented and cohesive staff. There is momentum and time to prepare and envision the future while the operations scale down to accommodate the renovation period from Spring 2023 - Winter 2024. SHG leverages this opportunity of reaching 50 years to orient SHG away from survivalism and utilize ownership and stewardship of land as a jumping off point for this new organizational stage that creates a sustainable future.

Roles & responsibilities

Organizational Leadership

● Participates with the Board of Directors in the creation and evolution of the organizational vision;

● Sets specific organizational goals, under the direction of the Board of Directors and works toward meeting the goals utilizing SHG’s values as a compass;

● Evaluates the potential risks and rewards of current operations, potential new strategies and organizational;

● Assesses and develops plans to mitigate risks to the organization; Talent Management

● Creates a positive workplace culture that fosters an organizational culture that elevates creativity, trust, safety, collaboration, and professional development

● Aligns human resources to strategic, operational, and programmatic priorities;

● Hires, develops, supervises, retains and evaluates high quality staff to effectively fulfill the

mission of the organization;

● Ensures that the organization is in compliance with laws and regulations;

● Sets staff policies and determines compensation, within Board approved budget;Board Relations

● Develops and sustains positive working relationships with all Board and committee members as well as coordinates work with the Board’s committees;

● Directs and nurtures the Board’s fundraising efforts;

● Ensures the Board is trained in board governance and understands their legal


● Advises the Board on the establishment and revision of policies;

● Communicates effectively with the Board and provides, in a timely and accurate manner,

information necessary for the Board to make critical decisions;

● Ensures the Board is regularly informed on the financial status of Self Help Graphics & Art;

Financial Management

● Oversees financial and administrative functions to ensure immediate and long-term fiscal integrity and sustainability;

● Manages the organization’s resources within the Board approved annual budget and spending policy;

● In collaboration with staff, recommends yearly budget for Board approval; Fundraising

● Works with the Board and development staff to expand the organization’s base of philanthropic support;

● Develops and implements new strategies for fundraising, based on current best practices, and new models that are more supportive of BIPOC-led and serving organizations;

● Successfully raises annual fundraising dollars and brings capital campaigns to completion;

● Maintains positive relationships with and actively engages key individual, corporate, and

foundation donors;

Partnership and Collaboration

● Develops effective partnerships, collaborations, and strategic alliances to advance the mission;

● Serves as a member of coalitions and collaboratives that can benefit the mission of Self Help Graphics & Art and its constituents;

Public Relations and Advocacy

● Serves as the primary spokesperson for Self Help Graphics & Art;

● Develops and implements strategies to enhance the Self Help Graphics & Art brand;

● Seeks media and speaking opportunities to showcase Self Help Graphics & Art;

● Develops and maintains positive relationships with key elected officials and their staff;

● Works to elevate SHG’s legacy to positively impact the Boyle Heights community, Los

Angeles County, the arts field statewide, nationally, and internationally.


To perform effectively in this position, the Executive Director must have:

• working knowledge of general business operations in a nonprofit, visual arts environment.

• in-depth knowledge of the management process, especially as it applies to growth and long-term planning

• marketing, fundraising and promotional skills

• financial/accounting skills to manage an organization budget of $2+ million

• demonstrated leadership and organizational skillsvery effective oral and written communications skills

• ability to plan organization-wide processes (setting objectives, developing strategies, budgeting, developing policies and procedures, and organizing the functions necessary to accomplish the processes)

• Conducts all business at the highest standard of integrity ensuring that all activities are legal and ethical.

Typically, these skills and knowledge are the result of a combination of formal education (to the post-graduate level) in business, art management, nonprofit management, marketing, finance or related area and several years of experience in increasingly responsible management positions.

CompetenciesCommunication – Communicates well (written and verbal), delivers presentations effectively, is a credible spokesperson to represent agency to public, has good listening skills

Job Knowledge - Understands all facets of job, aware of duties and responsibilities, keeps job knowledge current

Leadership - Provides strong leadership, sets a good example, skilled decision maker, motivator, encourager

Results Driven - Defines appropriate goals, works toward achieving goals, articulates vision and steps for achievement

Sense of Urgency - Meets deadlines, establishes appropriate priority, gets the job done in a timely manner

Strategic Thought - Works to establish and articulate vision, shows creativity when defining solutions, develops well thought-out plans to achieve goals

To apply

Please send cover letter and resume to with the position title and your name in the subject line. For example: Executive Director - Jane Doe.

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