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Product Manager, Service Provider Adoption

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About this organization

At Project Equity, we re-envision community economic development to shift control locally and build economic resiliency in low-income communities. We envision a future where business decisions are made through a lens of what is good for workers and communities, leading to businesses that are more successful, communities that are more resilient, and workers who have stable jobs and economic security. Our mission is to foster economic resiliency with low-income communities by demonstrating and replicating strategies that increase worker ownership. Our clients are unique local businesses (most with 25-50 employees, but increasingly larger companies as well) that are assessing or implementing transitions to broad-based employee ownership (e.g. worker cooperatives, democratic ESOPs or other forms of employee or stakeholder ownership).

About this job

As Product Manager, Service Provider Adoption at Project Equity, you will lead key steps in the development and initial rollout of a product offering focused on service provider adoption of employee ownership practices. This professional education offering is intended to help business-to-business professional service organizations (and their business advisors) embrace and implement employee ownership transitions as part of their own customer acquisition and service practices.

Roles & responsibilities

This role is focused on a test and learn approach to iterative product development, starting with initial target customer segment(s) and bringing a Minimum Viable Product to those segments, harvesting learnings, then iterating and repeating. In addition to designing the education offering (designing, packaging, pricing, channel and GTM strategies), you will also coordinate to ensure we have the right content and curriculum as well as the right systems and processes—that can grow with the product success—for effectively managing and continuing to develop the content. We envision the curriculum to be progressive in nature (intro to more advanced), and able to be made applicable to a variety of service provider customer segments.

●Product development and management

●Provide leadership in the design, development, initial roll out and ongoing refinement of product offerings by:

● Building on existing initial research around customer segment profiles among small business professional service providers, continually deepen understanding of target customer needs within priority market segment(s) and how we can address those needs

● Assessing and building out an appropriate mix of content delivery strategies, including but not limited to: e-learning, in-person training and limited-term engagements

● Developing, market testing and iterating new offerings and pricing strategies to meet customer needs while optimizing market uptake and medium- to long-term earned revenue

● Following an agile product development approach to bring the Minimum Viable Product for each customer segment to pilot group(s) as soon as feasible, to test and learn and iterate based on real customer input, and advance the overall offering against its product roadmap

● Maintaining product backlogs and managing stage gates as relevant

● Executing impeccable project management, both internally and externally

● Designing creative go to market strategies, and partnering with marketing team and others as needed to execute on those strategies and drive customer adoption and retention and meet product revenue goals

● Coordinating internally to ensure we have the operational capacity to execute on the product offering (e.g. trained trainers, business development, curriculum and content development and management)

● Keeping the Leadership Team and others up to date on progress and learnings, and lifting up any potential bottlenecks or blockers as soon as they become known

● Curriculum, content and content management

● Provide leadership in the design, development, initial roll out and ongoing refinement of the offering’s curriculum, content and infrastructure by:

● Identifying learning milestones and areas for content localization and customer segment customization

● Supporting the development and cataloging of existing learning content, partnering closely with Client Journey team members

● Developing initial content and curriculum, partnering closely with Client Journey team members

● Completing a needs assessment for additional content development

● Assessing potential external sources of content and determining licensing and/or partnership approach(es)

● Identifying external specialist(s) or partner(s) for content and curriculum

development and management

● Determining content management needs at different stages of product

development, and system, process and technology solutions to address those needs

● Advancing against a curriculum, content and content management backlog andstage gates within the overall product roadmap


●5+ years in product development / product management type roles

●MBA Preferred

●Experience with Employee Ownership preferred but not Required

To apply

Please submit your resume and cover letter with your application. In your cover letter, please explain what motivates you to work with Project Equity, and how your experience, skills and commitment will advance our work to create a more equitable economy.

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