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About this organization

PACE (Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement) is a philanthropic laboratory for funders seeking to maximize their individual and collective impact on democracy and civic life in America. PACE achieves this through learning, experimenting, collaborating, and modeling vibrant civic space. Our primary
network and audience is our 65 (and growing) institutional members, but we also seek to actively contribute to and influence a wider field of civic-minded philanthropic entities and leaders.

About this job

The charge of the Communications Support Lead is to develop and execute our external communications strategy to ensure PACE fulfills its commitment to “Learn out Loud.” This means we are committed to actively, consistently, and iteratively talking about what we are learning in
a public fashion, in order to offer insights and provocations for anyone who has an interest in civic engagement and democracy in the United States. This includes everything from writing about take-aways and recommendations resulting from our learning, to amplifying what individual members are learning through their grantmaking and programming. We hope this type
of sharing encourages other funders to understand the importance of investing in civic engagement and democracy and be inspired to make it a priority in their own work.

The constant question for the CSL to ask will be “Who needs to hear about this [learning/program/experiment] and what do they need to know?” The primary functions of the role are strategic message development, storytelling and content creation, and amplification/promotion of content across multiple types of mediums (written, video, visual storytelling, etc.). Some media and public relations functions may be performed from time to time, but that is not currently anticipated to be a significant focus of the role. This is a newly
created position, necessitated as one of our most significant initiatives (Faith In/And Democracy) makes a strategic pivot into storytelling, and PACE’s overall strategic plan expands as well. This means the CSL will need to be highly intuitive, able to take initiative, and comfortable working
without a concrete “roadmap” about how things have been “done before” (partially because this is a new role and partially because we want to be imaginative and innovative about how we think about our communications philosophy and approach in new ways). This person will need to be
highly creative, thoughtful, and analytical, with the ability to clearly distill complex ideas and topics and know how to target them to philanthropic audiences (such foundation leaders and staff, donors and donor advisors, and philanthropy infrastructure organizations).

The CSL will be a peer to our two other Support Leads (who specialize in Programs and Operations); all three Support Leads will collaborate across all PACE’s streams of work (programs, experiments, and member services) in service of our shared mission. The CSL will be managed by
our Managing Director for Learning and Experimentation (MDLE). Due to the fact PACE is a small team (growing to 6 employees in 2023), it is inherent that the CSL will need to perform some occasional development, logistical, or administrative work, but the primary responsibility for those functions sits with other PACE staff.

Roles & responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities

● Develop and manage the execution of PACE’s overall communications strategy (to our members and to the border field), including:
○ Creating, publishing, and promoting content (written, audio, visual, and other
forms of multimedia) that showcases PACE’s work and learning, including:
■ Managing the creation and distribution of our newsletters (every two
weeks to Members and every quarter to our broader network)
■ Distilling and summarizing learnings from meetings/reports/programs and
determining how to share them and with whom
■ Managing our social media presence and the editorial calendar for our
Medium channel and creating content as needed
■ Ensuring our website remains up-to-date and relevant
○ Supporting the advancement of PACE’s voice in the field by identifying places to proactively seed or embed our messages and learnings (such as through op-eds, conferences, or various types of public conversations)
○ Applying PACE’s racial equity filter to our communication strategy, vehicles, and content, and ensuring that a racially diverse mix of voices are represented in our communications

● Support the communications and promotion components of PACE’s specific programmatic efforts, especially Faith In/And Democracy, but also including the Civic Language Perceptions Project and the Social Cohesion Campaign.

This may include:
○ Developing key messages to generate interest and participation in the initiatives
○ Advising and overseeing the content development of publications, donor guides, and other resources created by consultants
○ Promoting the initiatives and their learnings/take-aways to our target audiences
● Engage as a hub within the PACE team:
○ Work collaboratively with MDLE and Managing Director of Funder Engagement to ensure amplification of the various streams of learning, experimentation, and member-serving work
○ Work with the CEO to consider PACE’s external affairs and thought leadership priorities, including supporting development of talking points, speeches, and presentations
○ Manage external consultants that provide graphic design, website, branding, and other types of communications-support services

● Other duties as assigned/determined


● Experience creating and managing communications for professional and public audiences
● Content knowledge within PACE’s priority areas of focus (such as faith and democracy, civic learning, bridge building, racial equity, and national service). This does not mean specialization or expertise in these areas are necessary, but that there needs to be a general familiarity with (and willingness to learn more about) the ecosystems we operate within
● Experience working in small and growing organizations and therein, being an adaptive utility player
● Strong analytical and critical thinking skills—ability to ideate and adapt at all stages of development, to consider (and sometimes reconcile) diverse perspectives, and to synthesize complex ideas into concrete lessons, learnings, and/or action steps
● Strong intercultural competencies as applied to communication, including the application
of language and messengers for different audiences, identity groups, and cultural contexts
● Strong writing and communication skills—including ability to engage people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives with ideas and concepts that might be new or otherwise unfamiliar
● Familiarity with the diversity of religious and spiritual identities and communities in the United States and able to effectively to communicate with and about diverse religious audiences (given the focus this role will dedicate to the Faith In/And Democracy initiative)
● Proficient in Google Suite, comfortable communicating through Zoom and Slack, and experience with WordPress and/or SquareSpace

Candidates for the CSL role will stand out by being:

● Aligned with and committed to the vision, mission, and principles and racial equity commitment of PACE
● Self-starting with significant initiative, intuition, autonomy, and drive; able to work independently with little need for close management but also enjoys working collaboratively with a team
● Personable, relatable, and relationship-oriented—ability to work well with many types of people and bring out the best in those around them
● Thoughtful and insightful—ability to see the “big picture,” appreciate multiple perspectives, and cut through the complexity of big ideas and amorphous concepts
● Flexible and dynamic—can adapt and iterate to changing or ambiguous circumstances smoothly
● Focused on paying attention to detail, is able to produce consistently high-quality work, is comfortable being tasked with multiple priorities, and demonstrates a commitment to clear communication and follow-through

To apply

Fill out this online form. We will do our best to review applications as they come in, so interested candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

In the form we ask for:

Brief answers (5-7 sentences each) to the following questions:

1. How would you describe the philosophy, spirit, or approach you bring to communications and storytelling?

2. If you had 60 minutes to learn as much as possible from a small group of experts on civic engagement and democracy, what are two questions you would ask them and why?

3. Let's pretend you get the job and we’re holding your one-year performance review. Based on what you know of the organization and the job, what would you point to that shows outstanding performance and results?

Your resume or a comparable description of relevant work/skills/training history as an uploaded document (such as a .doc, .docx or .pdf).

We are flexible on what format this takes; our aim is to understand where you have worked before and the types of roles you have had.

We are open and interested in learning from people across the spectrum of experience and industry.

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