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Special Education Specialist

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About this organization

OFY is a free non-profit public charter school serving students grades 7-12 who have fallen behind in school, are looking to get ahead and graduate early, or merely desire a non-traditional learning environment.

OFY’s founders, John and Joan Hall, started the program in 1987 to provide at-risk and underserved students an alternative to traditional learning methods. OFY’s blended learning model allows students, teachers, and families the freedom to design an individualized learning plan for each student based on his or her strengths, weaknesses, college and career goals, and schedule outside of school.

OFY’s program places great emphasis on the student-teacher relationship, a critical component to the development of students’ personal, emotional, and academic well-being.

About this job

The primary responsibility of the Special Education Specialist is to provide instruction and other related services to Special Education students. The Special Education Specialist will also facilitate diagnostic assessment including administration, scoring and interpretation. Will review and revise IEP’s as needed. Will support instruction in reading, math, and written language for students, tutor individual and small groups of students, administer and score academic testing, write individualized education plans, and support other academic programs as needed. The Special Education Specialist will work under the leadership of the Program Specialist and the Director of Special Education. This position will be available to provide direct instruction to students 6 hours a day.

Roles & responsibilities

Essential Functions include, but are not limited to the following:

Provide instruction to students with special needs and identified learning disabilities in a special education program.

Tutor individual and small groups of students, reinforcing language and reading concepts.

Administer and score individual and group tests.

Schedule IEP meetings, coordinating schedules with parents, general education teacher(s), administrator, and all appropriate special education staff.

Conduct IEP meetings.

Communicate and coordinate special needs evaluation and testing with speech teacher, psychologist, and other service providers.

Communicate with parents regarding individual student progress and conduct.

Maintain progress records and record progress toward IEP goals.

Record progress within the independent study program.

Perform other duties in support of the Special Education Specialist program.

Support other academic programs offered within the independent study program.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

Special Education Specialist Certificate or ability to obtain Mild/Moderate Certificate.

Ability to teach students of grades K-12.

Ability to work with children of all ages.

Ability to understand, adopt, and support the independent study program, concepts and their philosophies.

Ability to organize and present ideas effectively in oral and written form.

Ability to make skillful decisions.

Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

Ability to operate a PC computer, word processor, copier, FAX, and other office machines.

Education and Experience:

BA/BS Degree.

Valid California Teaching Credential in Special Education (Mild/Moderate).

Note: Intern eligible candidates encouraged to apply.

*The specific statements shown in each section of this description are not intended to be all inclusive. They describe the general nature and level of work being performed and/or represent typical elements and criteria considered necessary to successfully perform the job. The Company retains the discretion to add to or change the duties of the position at any time

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