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About this organization

LIFT is a national nonprofit on a mission to invest in families to break the cycle of poverty. We believe that racial and gender wealth gaps stem from structural inequities that keep them trapped in a cycle where poverty, like wealth, is passed from generation to generation. At LIFT, we interrupt the generational transmission of poverty by partnering with parents of young children to build well-being, financial strength, and social connections – or as we like to put it, Hope, Money, and Love. LIFT’s one-on-one coaching program empowers parents to set and achieve goals that put families on the path toward economic mobility – such as going back to school, improving credit, eliminating debt, or securing a living wage. In addition to coaching, LIFT parents also receive direct cash infusions to reinvest in their families and goals.

LIFT is at an exciting moment in its organizational trajectory. We aim to scale our impact by 1) making continuous improvements to our direct service model, 2) partnering with health care, postsecondary education, early child development, and government organizations to deliver LIFT’s model and influence change in those systems, and 3) influencing policy through the amplification of the voices of parents living in poverty on issues impacting their lives and communities. We are looking for team players who thrive in a growth environment of continuous improvement; are committed to LIFT’s work to combat intergenerational poverty and expand opportunity for families; and uphold LIFT’s values of diversity, equity, excellence, hope, and relationships.

Currently, LIFT is operating as a hybrid work environment. Accordingly, this role will be expected to work in the office two days a week.

About this job

The LIFT Coach is responsible for facilitating one-on-one coaching relationships with parents to support them in achieving self-determined career, educational, and financial goals. The LIFT Coach engages parents in goal setting and action planning, monitors parents’ progress, and provides accountability and encouragement to parents over time. The LIFT Coach also connects parents to relevant community resources and information, and guides them as they practice new behaviors, actions, and skills necessary to reach goals. Finally, the LIFT Coach will additionally provide support on LIFT’s other projects, services, and parent recruitment efforts, as needed.

Roles & responsibilities


- Create a positive, welcoming climate for parents and their families

- Build and maintain positive relationships with parents, partner agency staff members, and the local community

- Provide high-quality coaching to 24-30 parents to support their achievement of career, educational, and financial goals

- Conduct follow-up research on behalf of parents on topics relevant to their goals

- Participate actively in weekly debriefs with LIFT staff and fellow coaches

- Support in the recruitment of new parents into the program

- Support retention of parents in coaching through regular phone calls and emails

- Provide regular upward feedback to LIFT’s Program Team to improve the design and effectiveness of LIFT’s coaching program

- Provide short-term resource assistance to parents who are not currently eligible for coaching

- Maintain accurate files/records and document services to parents in LIFT’s online case management system

- Maintain confidentiality in all matters regarding the children and families served

- Perform other duties as assigned



- You are committed to LIFT’s mission and demonstrate LIFT’s values of equity, diversity, relationships, hope, and excellence

- You collaborate effectively with parents to develop goals and to provide clear feedback about their progress

- You are committed to LIFT’s mission and vision

- You have strong analytical and problem-solving skills

- You have excellent communication skills, both written and oral

- You demonstrate a strong attention to detail

- You are able to work effectively with community partners

- You are able to work effectively with a diverse population

- You are able to work well independently and are adaptable to changing environments

- You are interested in exploring both macro and micro social work opportunities

- Required: You are able to communicate proficiently in Spanish.

To apply


Please visit to apply and submit a resume.

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