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About this organization

About Us: Founded in May 2014 as a 501(c)(3) organization, Jazz Hands For Autism is a talent advocacy group that uses a strength-based approach to empower musicians with autism and amplify their voices by providing necessary resources and avenues that will assist them with forging a rewarding and career path as a working musician.

Our Mission: Provide platforms and avenues where musically inclined individuals on the autism spectrum can express and explore their talents.

Our Vision: We are working towards a world where individuals on the autism spectrum are fully integrated members of society who are confident in their ability to make valued social, cultural and economic contributions in their communities.

Our Values:

Music First!: We believe that our staff, students, and performers are musicians first; autism comes second. At Jazz Hands For Autism, We are all about T.H.E. M.U.S.I.C.

Creative Growth: Harness the self and the talents within by exploring new abilities.

Confidence: We work to enable the realization of the power of expression, and freedom with that expression.

Unity: We work to create an atmosphere of unity and equality.

Support: We work to encourage the development of confidence in abilities and talents.

Inclusivity: We are a community that welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, and we want everyone we work with to know that their contributions are valued.

Community: We work to create an atmosphere that fosters relationships, teamwork, and camaraderie across the spectrum and with individuals without autism.

About this job


The Administrative Assistant plays a key role in accomplishing our mission of providing opportunities for our students on the autism spectrum to express and explore their talents. Administrative Assistants are tasked with performing routine clerical and administrative duties, including but not limited to organizing files, preparing documents, scheduling appointments, and supporting other staff.

Roles & responsibilities


Create and maintain the school master class schedule (for over 30 students) and sending updates about general JHFA policies and other announcements

Warmly greet clients and prospective clients as they come into the educational studio.

Schedule and leads tours for prospective students and parents

Receive and make calls/send emails to prospective students, current students, & instructors.

Call, Email or Text reminders to students/clients; Alert students and parents if student did not show up.

Direct students/instructors to their appropriate studio rooms as needed.

Help students solve minor problems.

Provide general administrative office support (emailing, filing, copying, mailing, answering phone calls, inventory management, etc.)

Open and close out office/studio

Monitor and track inventory of equipment (instruments, computer lab, laptops, microphones, cords, etc.)

Set up and pack up recording equipment, instruments, computers, etc. Install and update software as needed.

Maintain a clean and orderly office and studio.

Manage room reservations of the studio



Excellent written and oral communication, organizational and interpersonal skills.

Ability to communicate effectively and professionally in writing and in person.

Ability to properly prioritize and handle multiple tasks simultaneously

Ability to be proactive and plan for different scenarios

Excellent customer service attitude - friendly, helpful attitude, and reliable.

Effective time management and organizational skills

Adaptable to changes in the workplace

High level of professionalism, diplomacy, discretion, and confidentiality.

A positive, proactive attitude with a high level of flexibility

Resourceful and able to problem solve and reason with minimal or no direction or supervision.

Very high attention to detail required

Takes initiative and can work well independently and as part of a team.

Shows a willingness to learn and ability to handle confidential information with the utmost care

Required experience in setting up, maintaining, installing recording equipment and live music equipment (speakers, amplifiers, mic, guitar, instruments, etc.)

Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and Google Suite required and experience with project management software (Asana, SLACK) preferred.

Excellent Microsoft Excel skills

Excellent Email and Phone etiquette

Basic knowledge of music and music education


Experience working in an office or school environment

Basic knowledge of Pro Tools, FL Studio, GarageBand and other music software

Someone who is passionate about supporting individuals with special needs

Previous experience with classroom audio visual equipment

To apply

Please submit your resume via indeed: https://www.indeed.com/job/administrative-studio-assistant-8ebc3889de1cc079?_gl=1*arg8uw*_gcl_aw*R0NMLjE2OTQ3ODQxMTIuQ2owS0NRaUExTmViQmhEREFSSXNBQU5pREQwVkRXUXZEVDBINFNLTlZRN2VWRUttVEF4Y2FHcHd6MEY1UU5ueG1nS0lVOHhibUNXMXQ5c2FBblNZRUFMd193Y0I.*_gcl_dc*R0NMLjE2OTQ3ODQxMTIuQ2owS0NRaUExTmViQmhEREFSSXNBQU5pREQwVkRXUXZEVDBINFNLTlZRN2VWRUttVEF4Y2FHcHd6MEY1UU5ueG1nS0lVOHhibUNXMXQ5c2FBblNZRUFMd193Y0I.*_gcl_au*MTU4MTkyMjU5LjE2OTQ3ODQxMDA.

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