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About this organization

Hands for Hope (aka Hands4Hope LA or H4HLA) provides free support to youth and their parents from low-income, underserved, predominantly single-parent minority households to improve their quality of life. Founded in 2000 in North Hollywood, H4HLA’s engaged staff, volunteers and instructors create a safe and personalized learning environment to help youth build relationships, strengthen academic skills and learn new talents. Grounding the work in the lived experiences of participant families, H4HLA partners with parents and caregivers and creates resources to address students’ social, emotional and educational needs. Students thrive because they feel comfortable being curious, exploring their abilities, and learning from their peers and their instructors.

About this job

Hands4Hope LA is at a pivotal moment in our organizational trajectory. We are positioned to expand our partnerships across the greater Los Angeles area while deepening our impact by focusing on students feeling seen, heard, appreciated and supported. We seek to hire a Program Director to improve program effectiveness as we scale.

Hands4Hope LA is seeking an enthusiastic and qualified Program Director to join our team. This full time Program Director role will be responsible for planning, supervision, and safe operation of school year and summer programs for under-resourced youth in our surrounding communities in North Hollywood and Van Nuys. As a supervisor and mentor for program staff and steward of community partnerships, the Program Director will ensure programs are packed with enrichment opportunities for youth to thrive.

Roles & responsibilities

Under the oversight of the Executive Director, the Program Director will oversee the curriculum, partnerships, recruiting, communications, staffing and training, safe operation, and evaluation of:

● H4HLA North Hollywood Youth Program

● H4HLA North Hollywood Teen Program

● H4HLA Van Nuys Teen Program

● H4HLA Transitional Age Youth (TAY) program

● NoHo AC out-of-school time program at Lankershim Elementary School

● H4HLA North Hollywood Academic Summer Program

● H4HLA Parent Workshops and Support Program

Safety & Compliance:

● Provide a warm and safe atmosphere for all youth participants.

● Support the emotional and social development of youth.

● Effectively redirect inappropriate participant behaviors and implement the program

discipline system to effectively monitor and guide proper student behavior.

Enrichment Support

● Work with program staff to develop an engaging curriculum for participants.

● Coordinate showcases/performances to highlight skills learned by youth.

● Constantly explore strategic opportunities to partner and create connection opportunities

for youth.

● Work with parents to promote understanding of their child’s growth and development;

encourage parent participation in H4HLA programs.

Program Planning & Administration:

● Initiate and set goals for programs based on the organization’s strategic objectives.

● Plan programs from inception to completion, including identifying processes, deadlines

and milestones.

● Develop operations and budgets.

● Oversee grant compliance requirements, ensure reporting deadlines are met, and attend

all mandatory training.

● Working to ensure H4HLA’s values are demonstrated in the policies and procedures of

the organization, every day.

● Build out and execute H4HLA Van Nuys programs with a focus on growing teens and

Transitional Age Youth (TAY) attendance/participation.

Staff Management, Training & Development

● Lead, hire, supervise, motivate and inspire a dynamic program staff team, helping their

strengths shine through, utilizing clear, supportive communication.

● Facilitate training and monthly staff meetings for program staff, maintaining current

knowledge of best practices.

● Lead the program team in designing, delivering, and evaluating content to ensure that it

reflects the needs and interests of our youth.

Workshops & Event Planning

● Coordinate program events by managing logistics, planning budgets, ensuring

participants attend and present post-event reports.

● Coordinate and facilitate a series of customized parent workshops to provide useful

resources to support families to improve their quality of life.

Data Collection & Sharing

● Produce reports, data documents etc, to support reporting, fundraising and grant writing


● Analyze and collect data to update databases and complete monthly reports.

Marketing, Communication & Outreach

● Recruitment and Retention- attend community events, host information booths, distribute

brochures/flyers and or inform potential stakeholders about H4HLA.

● Lead program marketing initiatives to increase visibility and knowledge of H4HLA


Perform other duties as assigned to further the mission of H4HLA.


Demonstrated knowledge of youth development approaches and best practices

A history of successful work with young people

Able to analyze data to make informed decisions about programming

A prompt and clear communicator through email, phone calls, virtual meetings, and in-person - correspondence

Must pass a criminal background check

License & Certificates:

Valid Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid Certificates from authorized providers, as determined by the Human Services department, within six months of appointment.

To apply

Send resume to hr@hands4hopela.org