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Mental Health Professional

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- Spring 2023: May-June, 2023 – 4-6 hours/week spent conducting intakes with campers and families, creating care plans for the summer, and working with mazkirut (senior youth leadership) to design training sessions for staff week. $30-35/hour. - Summer 2023: Full time, residential on-site from June 27th to August 10, 2022. $1100-1200 weekly, depending on experience
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About this organization

Habonim Dror Camp Gilboa is a summer camp located in Big Bear La, CA. Our philosophy

as a youth-led community is built on the value of collective responsibility. This means we see each person’s unique spark and understand that we all play a part in making the community what it is. We believe that when we create a community based on the values we want to see in society - equality, democracy, and interdependence - we become more able to bring light into the world.

About this job

Habonim Dror Camp Gilboa is seeking a residential, seasonal mental health professional (MHP). The MHP is a critical member of the Camper Care Team at Camp Gilboa. In addition to providing direct intervention and support of campers and staff, resources, and training to campers and staff, the MHP also works to support our unique youth leadership model by empowering staff and youth leadership in their roles. The MHP should have a desire to grow personally and professionally as part of a close-knit community of committed individuals.

Roles & responsibilities

Provide ongoing mentorship, training, and support to counselors, inclusion counselors, and Camper Care Coordinators as they implement interventions and program modifications.

- Work with campers and staff to proactively incorporate skills and strategies to alleviate anxiety and contribute to a positive camp environment.

- Provide emotional support and guidance to individual campers with active mental health concerns.

- Provide assessment and direct intervention in cases of mental health and/or behavioral crises in collaboration with camper care team, camp director and Executive Director

- Supervise the camper care team

- Work with the ED to bring in outside consultation from the mental health committee as needed

- Work with the camper care team to design modifications to programs and activities to be inclusive of all campers, including those with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Executive Functioning Issues, and more.

- Maintain required documentation for camper meetings, team meetings and parent calls.

- Respond to parent concerns related to campers with mental health and/or behavioral issues.

- Be “on call” for any behavioral, social, or mental health crises that arise with campers or staff. An “on call” schedule will be established and agreed upon prior to the start of the summer.

- Attend pre-camp training on camp policies, including child abuse and neglect and emergency procedures.

- Provide staff training prior to opening day and during summer on behavior management, child development, and childhood mental health disorders.

- Provide support to staff as needed, and support senior staff in finding solutions to mental health challenges counselors are facing

- Participate in meetings with camp leadership to ensure that camper and staff well-being are central to the operation of the camp.

- Provide guidance on supporting staff and camper with regard to coping with Covid-19 and other mental health issues that may come up at camp

- Provide support for counselors to care for their personal mental health and emotional wellbeing


- Holds a graduate level or higher degree in a mental health field

- Hiring is dependent on passing Federal and State Background Checks.

- A strong commitment to youth empowerment, inclusion and social justice.

- Camp experience – either personal or professional – preferred.

- Excellent crisis management skills

- Drivers license strongly preferred

- Someone who is an excellent and compassionate communicator

To apply

Send a cover letter and resume to Elana@campgilboa.org.

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