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About this organization

The Friends Of Residential Treasures: Los Angeles was established in 2019 to promote stronger civic identity and community cohesion among the residents of Los Angeles County by advancing scholarship and facilitating wider exploration of our architecturally significant residential buildings.

About this job

FORT: LA developed the Fellowship in Residential Architecture to meet two central objectives regarding LA County’s residential architectural treasures: 1) Bring greater cohesion and accessibility to existing archival content, and; 2) Contribute new and compelling findings and content to the knowledge base.

The FORT Fellowship will create opportunities for scholars and the general public to experience--whether first-hand or virtually--the work of world-renowned architects, how they were influenced by the region’s unique setting, and what lessons they can provide for today.

Roles & responsibilities

FORT Fellows will conduct research and field study in architecture, heritage/historic preservation, historic design, art history, region-specific urban planning, and other related programs of study. All applications will be considered regardless of educational attainment or field of expertise.

Publication and dissemination of FORT:LA Fellow project findings will:

•Promote stronger public appreciation of the architectural heritage of Los Angeles.

•Contribute to a greater understanding of the region’s unique and significant role in the history and development of twentieth century architecture and design.

•Raise the civic value placed on the region’s remaining residential treasures.

•Inspire dialogue about how the challenges of housing were approached in the past and might be addressed in the future.


•The FORT Fellowship is open to applicants based in Southern CA and/or those who can conduct the work/research from their current location.

•Applicants should review current FORT: LA leadership to determine potential partnerships with current FORT: LA advisory or board. Please visit for more information.

•Projects or research proposals should focus on an aspect of Los Angeles residential architectural history and should align with the mission and programs of FORT: LA. Please visit for more information.

•Project proposals should include a stipend for the applicant. Typical award is $2,500 — smaller or larger awards are considered on a case-by-case basis. Proposals may also submit a budget of any anticipated costs beyond the stipend, including all “hard costs” (xxeroxing, photography, etc.) associated with creating new content.

•Applicants should include any disclosures which may potentially limit the public dissemination of the FORT Fellow's research.

•Applicants should indicate if the proposed Fellow project is part of a larger study or program.

•FORT Fellowship deliverables include the delivery of field work or content that can be included as part of the FORT: LA Discovery Center. Potential field work results can include: Oral histories, rights cleared photographs, work derived from the public domain or other original new work.

•Preference will be given to projects that include:

-the delivery of Trail map and associated "Discovery Center" entries, per the FORT:LA Trails and Discovery Center program

-teams where a researcher collaborates with a filmmaker/artist/content creator

-projects that suggest connections between different areas/communities of Southern California

-projects that engage already existing archives within institutions or stakeholders of individual properties

-projects that address current housing issues or environmental building concerns

-projects that address or engage the work of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, or women architects, artists or stakeholders.

•Proposed projects should be completed within six months of being awarded a Fellowship. Longer term projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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