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About this organization

The California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI) is looking for an exceptionally strategic and innovative educator to advance organizational strategy and positioning as is scaled to all 6th-12th grade students in California.

About this job

The ideal candidate is a politically savvy educator who has first hand knowledge of the barriers that impede student progress. They meticulously track both the legislative and institutional policy landscape and industry best practice to ensure CCGI’s work is positioned and informed by these external realities. They can persuasively communicate CCGI’s value proposition as a critical statewide college and career planning infrastructure. The Chief Staff will be a collaborative problem solver, a vulnerable leader, and demonstrate a natural ability to examine every opportunity and gap with due diligence and in thoughtful and grounded ways.

The California College Guidance Initiative streamlines the college planning and application process for California students and helps colleges access the information they need to inform key decisions about admission, first-year academic placement, financial aid, advising, and supportive services.

The Chief of Staff will be responsible for driving the organization’s strategic impact work, and overseeing communications and government relations. They serve as a key strategic thought partner to and close collaborator with CCGI’s President, ensuring that President’s Office business is handled in a professional, efficient and thoughtful manner. Externally, the Chief of Staff represents CCGI in critical state level, regional, and institutional relationships that have implications for organizational strategy and scaling.

The Chief of Staff is charged with ensuring that other Executive Team members - the President, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Programs Officer, and Chief People an Systems Officer - have the information and support they need to align organizational programs and approaches with best practices and relevant policies, while innovating to solve problems to which there are no good evidence-based solutions. To do this well, they must have the confidence to build trust and inspire their peers by delivering thoughtful analyses, and working to deeply understand all aspects of the organization’s work. The Chief of Staff directly oversees two Directors and reports directly to the President.

CCGI works to solve large scale, system-level problems. The Chief of Staff must be comfortable working with unknowns and ambiguity, while generating workable solutions amidst significant complexity. They must be passionate about promoting public education and advancing educational equity.

Roles & responsibilities

  • Primary strategic thought-partner, advisor and collaborator to CCGI’s President and other members of the Executive Team.
    • Staffs the President on high level state, regional and institutional relationships, ensuring and/or collaborating on preparation and follow up items.
    • Serves as proxy for the President, representing the organization in high stakes meetings as needed.
    • Facilitates Executive Team meetings including agenda development that is reflective of the most critical items for discussion supported by sufficient due diligence to ensure good use of all participants' time.
    • Collaborates with other members of the Executive Team to ensure both internal alignment and alignment to best practices and the political landscape.
    • Helps to staff and manage governing bodies that have purview over CCGI’s work. This includes the FoundationCCC Board, Office of C2C and associated governing and advisory boards, and CCGI’s own advisory board.
    • Leads development of proposals and documentation to support high level or mission critical partnerships.
    • Provides periodic updates to the Expanded Leadership Team and All Team to communicate out key strategic considerations and decision points.
  • Oversees the development and implementation of organizational initiatives to support, track, measure and communicate the organization’s impact.
    • Tracks both institutional and legislative policy landscape to ensure that policies and procedures in admissions, placement, guidance, financial aid and college and career readiness are tracked, analyzed, documented and communicated out to the Expanded Leadership Team to inform:
      • Development and maintenance and content and functionality on
      • Positioning of CCGI’s work in the policy landscape
      • Impact analysis
    • Works with other team members to support research and due diligence to understand how CCGI’s work can serve the needs of practitioners across systems.
    • Collaborates with the Director of Strategic Impact to design and deliver professional development to relevant staff members across the organization whose work needs to be attuned to changes in the landscape.
    • Oversees the data and analytics division to ensure it supports internal business needs and external stakeholder needs from front line educators, to administrators to system offices.
  • Oversee Communications and Government Relations to support effective organizational positioning to ensure that communications and government relations are properly contextualized within the policy and best practice landscape. Supports Director of Communications and External Relations.
  • Model CCGI’s values both in action and in how decisions are made.


What Technical Skills Do You Need?

  • Deep understanding of educational equity and how to practically address opportunity gaps using a data and guidance infrastructure.
  • Experience leading and managing change within large institutional setting/s.
  • Adept at managing upward and staffing executive leadership.
  • Highly refined strategic lens and an ability to translate strategy into concrete action plans.
  • Strong decision-making skills and collaborative spirit, with the ability to take abstract brainstorming and generate concrete proposals for action.
  • A bachelor’s degree is required. An advanced degree is preferred.
  • Minimum of ten (10) + years of experience as an organizational leader, including direct supervisory and/or coaching experience.

What Intangibles Do You Need?

  • Model exceptional character and judgment in alignment with CCGI’s values and core characteristics.
  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment with changing priorities and deadlines.
  • Self-directed and proactive problem-solver.
  • Meticulous attention to detail.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to communicate with various levels of professionals. Ability to communicate complex information simply.
  • Stellar organizational skills, time management, and attention to detail.
  • Ability to model, provide, and receive feedback using the Nonviolent Communication model.
  • A desire to work in and lead a team culture with the following characteristics: Collaboration and learning, Data-driven practices, Direct feedback, Documentation, Due diligence and preparation, Professionalism and kindness, Self-reflection, Strategic thinking, and Vulnerability.
  • Lead with an intentional focus on building teams that value/promote/engage/demand different perspectives, experiences, and strengths.
  • Dedication to continuing to grow management and leadership skills.

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