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Director of Strategic Partnerships

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Full-time, remote with 20%
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About this organization

Who We Are: Research shows that K-12 students in California, particularly students of color, experience better outcomes when they're in schools led by educators of color — but far too often that just isn't the case. In California, over 60% of public school students are Black or Latinx, and yet less than 25% of schools had a Black or Latinx leader.

The Diversity in Leadership Institute (DLI) is a start-up nonprofit organization working to change that. Our mission is to create equitable outcomes for Black and Latinx students by building a movement of racially diverse and culturally competent public education leaders.

About this job

The Opportunity: The Director of Strategic Partnerships will work with the Founder & CEO to identify, build, and manage a portfolio of public school district and network partnerships that contribute to the overall fundraising goal, use data to drive and optimize the client service model, and support with activating Aspiring Principals of Color Fellowship alumni to join DLI’s School Leader of Color Network.

Roles & responsibilities

What You’ll Do:


Identify, build, and manage strategic partnerships with public school leaders, districts, and networks that contribute approximately 10% to the overall fundraising goal of $2M.

Facilitate meetings that highlight the benefits and impact of the fellowship program and consulting offerings.

Assess mutual values-alignment, secure new fellowship agreements and consulting contracts, and cultivate partnerships that enable fellows to access resources and opportunities.


Work in collaboration with clients to better understand and forecast the needs, gaps, pain points, existing barriers, school/district culture, and opportunities for educators and administrators of color, specifically.

Inform the department's strategic direction and fundraising strategy using these insights, historical context, landscape research, fellows feedback, and a critical analysis of K-12 educational landscape.


Collaborate with the Fellowship Director and VP of Leadership Development to inspire and activate Aspiring Principals of Color Fellowship alumni to engage with and join the School Leader of Color Network.


Who You Are

-You believe in DLI’s approach, core values, and mission to create equitable outcomes for Black and Latinx students.

-You are deeply rooted in equity and inclusive practices. You bring an intersectional lens and emphasize dismantling all forms of oppression. You build time into projects to prioritize the voices that, historically, are not heard, not centered or prioritized.You know that inequity is by design and have demonstrated through your work that you can redesign for racial equity.

-You are a strategic-thinker. You use audience-specific language and examples to best illustrate your point and communicate the big picture. You determine opportunities and threats through a comprehensive analysis of current and future trends in education.

-You are results-oriented and driven. You develop roadmaps to reach benchmarks and monitor progress to goals. You leverage technology and project management tools to mobilize others towards a common goal and vision.

-You are intentional about relationship-building. You proactively identify and deliberately develop relationships rooted in authenticity, collaboration and better understand the other person’s needs/vision.

-You learn and adapt through change. You have an ability to maneuver through a remote culture that is in its growth stages. You work with others to better understand any blind spots or gaps in your understanding.

To apply

Is this you? We’d like to learn more about you! The application includes 1) Round 1 - one-way interview that you’ll complete, along with your 2) Resume 3) Written responses to (2) questions. No Cover letter.

Apply at: https://bit.ly/DLI-DirectorofStrategicPartnerships

Nominate a leader. Questions? Email admin@uproottalent.co.

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