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Los Angeles and Stockton
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About this organization

Changeist is a little league for civic action; a place for young people to transform into social changemakers. We mobilize young people (ages 11-26) from all different walks of life, place them on diverse teams and take them through a 6-month civic action experience, exploring the issues they care most about. Youth learn sociopolitical problem-solving skills, engage in dialogue, and build community as they investigate local and global challenges.

About this job

At Changeist, you will work on a diverse team to learn to design, implement and improve spaces for youth to learn and practice changemaking skills. Your role will be to recruit youth and volunteers and help them find agency in some of the most challenging issues that we face today. You will do this by creating thoughtful, culturally responsive workshops and experiences to enhance learning. At the end of the program year, the youth you lead will feel more equipped and empowered to take on issues most important to them.

Roles & responsibilities

  • Recruiting middle school, high school and college-aged youth with high energy classroom presentations.
  • Nurturing and cultivating relationships with schools and community-based partners to help youth access social justice practitioners and leaders.
  • Designing curriculum and learning experiences (field trips) for youth to build community and learn about complex social justice issues.
  • Coaching a small learning community of youth in civic reflection, enhancing their learning and experience.
  • Creating new programs that take place outside of Saturdays for alumni to further develop their leadership skills or learn about a new career pathway.
  • Analyzing data to improve the quality of programming week to week.
  • Leading special projects that will build on the current work of the organization.


  • Be between 17-26 years old
  • Must reside in the city they intend to serve in
  • May mandate vaccine to gain entry into school and to support the general health of our communities.
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or legal permanent resident
  • Authorization to work in the U.S. is not sufficient (Those with DACA status unfortunately are not eligible at this time)
  • Have a GED, high school diploma, some college or college and/or advanced degree
  • Have served no more than three terms in an AmeriCorps state or national program
  • Agree to pass a criminal background check

To apply

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